• Battle to stop homes is lost as development set to go ahead

    A THREE-YEAR battle against a housing estate by residents, councillors and an MP seems to be over, after the planning authority gave up the fight. Taylor Wimpey was given planning permission for 158 homes off Drayton Road in Abingdon at the end

  • Charity to move out ahead of council plans for area revamp

    A CHARITY is leaving Didcot after 20 years as its current office is set to be demolished as part of a multi-million pound development. South and Vale Carers, which supports people who care for disabled relatives, has been at its current office,

  • Man found dead at level crossing in Yarnton is named

    A MAN found dead at a level crossing in Yarnton has been named as 40-year-old Christopher  Walden, of Kidlington. The Wilsdon Way resident, whose body was discovered on Thursday, April 9, was named at the opening of his inquest at Oxford Coroner's

  • Christian volunteers help those in debt

    CHIPPING Norton is often billed in the press as a second home for the chic London set. But a group of volunteers setting up a debt help organisation say there are hidden depths of poverty in the town. Christian Against Poverty (CAP) is about

  • Anti-homeless gates for Market criticised

    GATES set to bar rough sleepers from Oxford’s Covered Market have been criticised by a city centre councillor. The measure was proposed by Oxford City Council and would cut off entrances to the market from High Street to prevent homeless people

  • Course on screenplay documentary 'unbeatable'

    FILM students are creating a short documentary on Oxford author and screenwriter Richard O Smith in a three-day course. Mr Smith, from Rose Hill, wrote the screenplay for 2014 film The Unbeatables, starring Rupert Grint and Rob Brydon, and has

  • Russia honours war hero for his hand in the Nazis’ defeat

    IN FEBRUARY 1943, 17-year-old Basil King marched into the Royal Navy’s recruitment centre in Oxford to volunteer for the war effort. More than 72 years later the 89-year-old has finally been recognised by the Russian Embassy for courage and bravery

  • Bus services cancelled due to traffic along Botley Road

    TRAFFIC on the Botley Road has caused some bus services to be cancelled. Stagecoach report that the 3.55pm S7 from Carterton and the 4.02pm to the John Radcliffe Hospital would “not be running due to heavy congestion” on the Botley Road. News

  • Something in the wind

    Sir – I don’t know whether your other readers agree, but it has seemed to me that over the last couple of days in Oxford I could smell the General Election. Philip Cresswell Oxford

  • Insulting proposal

    Sir – As a regular volunteer with two Oxford Organisations (East Oxford Farmers’ Market and Good Food Oxford) I find the latest proposal for paid leave for volunteering to be ill-informed and insulting. It neither rewards nor recognises the vast

  • Future of car factory

    Sir – The future of the car factories is of prime importance to Oxford and I should like to use your columns to ask for answers regarding it. I appreciate that the car manufacturers may not want to intervene in an election, but, given that a huge

  • Plenty of space

    Sir – With reference to Brigid Sturdy’s comments about potential conflict between cyclists and pedestrians in a future pedestrianised Broad Street (Letters, April 9), one possible solution would be to use the system currently in place in Cornmarket

  • Life is messy

    Sir – I would refer Mr Emlyn Jones (Letters, April 9) to the following from one of my previous letters “I sometimes feel uncomfortable with the targets satire chooses and methods it employs”. I am not as sensitive as he is, although I have had

  • Tree in Oxford is symbol of peace and healing

    Sir – The planting ceremony of the Bombed Kaki Tree Jr. of Nagasaki was held on Sunday, April 12, at Barracks Lane Community Garden in East Oxford, and through your columns may I please thank everyone who attended

  • Traumatic Easter

    Sir – Having fallen and broken my wrist, I managed to spend most of Easter in the trauma unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. I just want (with one finger!) to put on record, what a superb team the trauma unit is. From the young lady who

  • Soundbite politics

    Sir – Along with 300 other carefully pre-screened members of a largely Christian public, I attended Witney hustings at St Mary’s church last Friday evening. What a deeply disappointing event. The organisers confined each candidate to one minute

  • Cunning voting plan

    Sir – Straight after the last General Election, I had a letter in the Guardian asking readers if they could give me any good reason why I, as a non-Tory, should have voted at my polling station in David Cameron’s constituency. Several weeks ago, I

  • Care for Port Meadow

    Sir – Councillors Wade and Howson (Letters, March 26, April 9) are right to express concern about delays in Network Rail’s planning application for the new bridge and ramps from Aristotle Lane to Port Meadow. But they are sniping at the wrong target

  • Penalise drivers

    Sir – A correspondent to your pages complained about the slow-moving traffic in Headley Way, but this is nothing compared to some roads where the delays can last for hours, particularly when there has been an accident, and accidents, with the death

  • Buskers need licensing

    Sir – I refer to your article Busking order online petition wins support of 3,000 people (March 9). Yes so it might, but of course so many jump on the bandwagon on this type of anonymous petition and many, I suspect, have never been within 20 miles

  • Nursery concerns

    Sir – Matt Oliver’s report (April 9) about the proposal filed by St John’s College to build a nursery in Bainton Road uses the phrase ‘traffic concerns heard’. The impression given is that the plans acknowledge residents’ concerns. Not so in fact

  • Shoe shop shutting

    Sir – I write to you with regret, having been informed that “The Shoe Shop” in Bath Street, Abingdon, will be closing its doors this month. The shop has stood the test of time for well over 100 years, selling shoes to customers in Abingdon and surrounding

  • Sewerage problems

    Sir – Your article on sewers unable to cope with new developments struck a chord with us here in Woodstock, where we are faced with the threat of 1,500 new houses being constructed, effectively doubling the size of the existing town. At the moment

  • Divide and conquer

    Sir – The announcement last week that the city council has signed an agreement with London and Continental Railways (owned by us the taxpayers) to transfer their land at Oxpens to Exemplar fills me with dread. Why was there no public bidding process

  • Broad needs more trees

    Sir – Ian Gourlay in his letter (April 9) is right to emphasise the potential for the improvement of Broad Street now the magnificent Weston Library has been so successfully completed, and to point out the omission of trees in the scheme presented

  • Encourage motorcycles into the heart of the city

    Sir – City council leader Bob Price has revived the idea of pedestrianising Broad Street. Fifteen years ago the Oxford Transport Strategy removed all Broad Street car parking. Retailers claimed this damaged trade, so in 2001 Oxfordshire County Council

  • Profile: How Professor Dame Carol Robinson defied the odds

    Maggie Hartford meets a woman who left school at 16 but is now a senior academic Carol Robinson, the first female professor of chemistry at Oxford University, is an inspiration for many reasons. Firstly, she left school at 16. Secondly, she

  • Quad Talk: Edward Clarke and his eureka Fiat moment

    Edward Clarke considers life in a packed Fiat I was sitting in the back of a packed Fiat the other day, an angry cat in a cage at my neck, an angrier toddler to my right, a rucksack full of nappies, oat milk and toys on my knee, when my mother-in-law

  • First Person: A palatial setting for antiques fair

    John Howard looks ahead to a treat for lovers of antiques Antique pottery….it is in the genes. Lasered at an early age. I grew up in Warrington, with a mother from Aberystwyth in deepest Wales. My grandparents had a farm in the middle of nowhere

  • Gray Matter: Night at the opera ends in a total car park farce

    Having thrilled a couple of weeks ago to the story of Hansel and Gretel and their incarceration by the cannibal witch in her gingerbread house, I emerged from Milton Keynes Theatre, and Welsh National Opera’s production of Engelbert Humperdinck’s perennially

  • Gray Matter: Cautionary tale about travel on London Tube

    I offer a cautionary story today concerning travel on the London Underground. It arises from a trip I made last month to see the (wonderful) Inventing Impressionism exhibition in the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery. Travel from Oxford to

  • Gray Matter: Why is it OK to make sex symbols of male actors?

    Where one leads, others lazily follow. This is nowhere truer than when it applies to the British press in its curious obsession with actors – and here I mean the male ones – possessed of what I have seen described as ‘the phwoar factor’. Which

  • Worlds collide at empire’s end

    Jaine Blackman enjoys a mystical tale across the generations East Oxford resident Sara Banerji’s tenth book tells the story of three generations of a well-to-do Indian family, whose lives are fatally entwined with a mysterious hill-tribe living

  • Review: Marco's New York Italian, 73 High Street, Oxford

    Famed chef’s new restaurant sends a mixed message, says Katherine MacAlister It was more 50 Shades of Grey than The Godfather – all red croc wallpaper, black leather seats and suede tablecloths – than the hearty American-Italian we had anticipated

  • Top chefs put trust in kitchen gardens

    Helen Peacocke explains why an increasing number of restaurants grow their own produce A growing number of pubs and hotels have now created kitchen gardens in their grounds so that they can provide their own ingredients and in some cases be almost

  • Sunflower stands up tall in spotlight

    An eyecatching summer favourite can bloom for months and is also loved by our hungry birds, says Val Bourne I’m finding this a late season, so I’m only just beginning to sow my annual seeds in trays under glass. It will be another three or four

  • Enjoy floral frenzies by going wild

    Ben Vanheems, of the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust, is full of the joys of spring as early flowers reach their peak April is, without doubt, the most exhilarating month of the year. Nature has well and truly thrown off her dour winter coat

  • Take your seats for display about bees

    Sarah Mayhew Craddock finds out how a guerrilla art campaign aims to help our wildlife Bees & Weeds gives a whole new meaning to the expression food for thought. Though this is no laughing matter, but another case of artists addressing some

  • The battle of Jericho and other protests

    Stuart Macbeth meets one of the stars of a radical theatre experience Last year director Chris Goode and the Oxford Playhouse called for local people to come forward with tales of something, or someone, they had stood up for. In walked six ordinary

  • 'Get em off!' Dreamboys are too hot to handle

    Keeley Rodgers wisely avoids the 'splash zone' to enjoy a 'ripped' performance by The Dreamboys... from afar WHEN a friend quizzed me about my experience of the Dreamboys’ show I struggled to hear at first because I’d been deafened by the screaming

  • Stoppard’s play is complex and fun

    Jaine Blackman says English Touring Theatre’s production gives audiences an entertaining evening Those who lived in the original Arcadia were noted for their innocent pastoral life of simplicity yet Tom Stoppard’s play is anything but straightforward

  • Review: Absence of War @ Oxford Playhouse

    The Rt Hon George Jones MP is Leader of the Labour Party, and he’s determined to become the next Prime Minister. Outwardly there’s an impressive display of confidence in his abilities as polling day approaches, but behind closed doors things look much

  • Chilcott’s Requiem a joy

    The opportunity to hear some of Bob Chilcott’s music performed live is always one to be relished, but never more so than when the work is conducted by the composer himself. So the Burford Singers’ recent performance of his sublime Requiem was a real

  • Pushing the boundaries

    Nicola Lisle chats to violinist Jack Liebeck about the Oxford May Music Festival, which is back for its eighth year Did you know that Borodin was not just a composer but also a respected chemist who made a number of important discoveries? This

  • Highlights: The Shires, Maiians, James Bay and more

    Folk Bellowhead New Theatre, Oxford Saturday Tickets: Oxford Folk Weekend patron John Spiers teams up with sparring partner Jon Boden and the rest of their 11-piece group for a show by Britain’s most dynamic folk band. Punchy

  • Soundbites: Big Feastival, Cornbury Festival and more

    * The start of Oxford Folk Weekend, tomorrow, marks the official start of Oxfordshire’s festival season. Two of the county’s big summer events have also been busy putting the finishing touches to their schedules. Jamie Oliver and Alex James’s Big Feastival

  • Wolf Alice: Ecstatic mix of gentle and harsh

    Openers Bloody Knees play catchy skatepark rock, the drummer clicks them in and they dish out the noise of Never Change, nonchalant manes flying. With stubbornly trudging guitars and loud, stroppy choruses, they appear to have stepped out of the

  • Oxford Folk Weekend: Joyous ceilidh to mass morris and song

    Folk music can be for everyone, festival organiser Cat Kelly tells Stuart Macbeth Folk is a way of life” says Folk Weekend organiser Cat Kelly, as we chat over a pot of tea in darkest Eynsham. “I was brought up with it.” “Both my parents were

  • For Art's Sake with Hannah Moss

    Hannah Moss explains why she wanted to make So It Goes, which was critically acclaimed when it premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last August The idea for So It Goes came to me one day at the Edinburgh festival. I had watched a production

  • Life is sweet for SJ Watson after hot debut

    Katherine MacAlister meets a best-selling novelist whose Hollywood success has finally persuaded him to give up his day job in the NHS How SJ Watson’s partner sleeps at night, I’ll never know. If you were one of the 40 million people to read his

  • Business flights up 7.5% at city’s airport

    OXFORD Airport experienced 7.5 per cent growth in commercial business aviation flights in the year to February 2015 as the privately owned operation looks to increase its activity. Much of the rise in commercial business flights was generated by

  • Firm friends set up business selling crafts made by mums

    TWO mums have turned their friendship into a thriving business venture. Sarah Ingram and Jacqui Seymour, who met 17 years ago through their local toddler group, run online store, which markets products made by local mums.

  • English Defence League has a right to be heard

    John Tanner says the police should have asked the Home Secretary to ban the EDL march held on April 4. To its credit, the police held out against this demand by Oxford City Council and Mr Tanner. I hold no sympathy with the EDL but they have a

  • Visitors need protecting from so-called buskers

    I refer to your articles about an online petition about busking being signed by thousands of people. So many people jump on the bandwagon with these type of anonymous petitions. Many of them, I suspect, have never been within 20 miles of our beautiful

  • Think twice before going ahead with this surgery

    I’m just reading the article on the gastric bypass (April 13) and I have to agree after I had mine three years ago. I’m still very sick and in poor health and nearly died. It has an extreme lack of after-care and I would advise anyone who thinks

  • Gastric sleeve operation was a complete success

    On December 19, 2014, I had the gastric sleeve operation done. I have lost quite a bit of weight and am still losing. This was what my surgeon stated was the best for me. I had diabetes, high blood pressure and low thyroid, among other things

  • Bus journey home to the capital was a nightmare

    On the evening of April 9, I waited for 45 minutes at the High Street stop without knowing the bus had been diverted – no sign of a note, nor any mention from the driver in the morning on my journey to Oxford. I arrived at the Gloucester Green

  • Good Samaritans helped keep wedding day rolling

    I wish to thank, through your column, a very kind couple who stopped to help me and my daughter on April 7 after the Morris Minor wedding car broke down while taking us from Abingdon to our ceremony at Lains Barn, near Wantage. They took me back

  • Lorries are often to blame for accidents on the A34

    I read through your article (April 15) regarding banning heavy goods vehicles from the outside lanes of the A34, and had some thoughts about some of the remarks. I think Paul Davies, business development manager for Bicester-based Clayton DA Transport

  • 'We fear for children's lives if development goes ahead'

    Residents of Bainton Road strongly believe that a real danger to the lives of schoolchildren (and their parents) will be created by St John College’s proposed development of a nursery on 1½ acres of land abutting the St John’s College sports ground

  • Snapper aims to capture the faces of market town

    A PHOTOGRAPHER is on a mission to capture the faces of Abingdon with an ambitious project. Martin Wackenier, who also speaks five languages, is planning to take 2,000 photographs of people from the town in its market square stood in its historic

  • Cancer survivor’s leading the way to battle disease

    A CANCER survivor and mum of five is leading the charge to encourage women across the county to sign up for the Race for Life. Sheela Cousins is still undergoing treatment after breast cancer but was one of the first to sign up for the July 12

  • Farm plans to be unveiled at consultation event

    NEW plans for Oxford City Farm will be unveiled at a consultation event on Saturday. The farm’s steering group wants to keep animals and grow crops and trees on land in East Oxford to help educate people and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Since

  • Renting out your home has risks – check them out

    AirBNB was founded in 2008. It was seen as one of the leading examples of what has become known as the ‘sharing economy’, in which people were directly in contact with one another instead of through companies. It has 500,000 listings in 192 countries

  • Oxford United's latest accounts show £1.4million loss

    OXFORD United’s annual losses went up to more than £1.4million in the year ending June last year. The latest set of accounts were published today and show they were in the red to the tune of £1,449,359. It was more than £300,000 higher than

  • Pensioners taste life in the fast lane as bikers drop by

    THREE pensioners had the ride of their lives when 25 Harley-Davidson motorcyclists roared up at their care home. The men – from Townsend House in Headington, Oxford – rode the iconic motorcycles on Sunday when the Oxford chapter of the Harley-Davidson

  • Tonnes to give away at council’s annual compost event

    THIRTY-three tonnes of compost will go out to residents in Cherwell District Council’s eighth annual giveaway. The district council’s green team are preparing 3,000 bags ready for the events in Banbury, Bicester and Kidlington. The event will

  • Girl cycles 11 miles for pal with leukaemia

    A WITNEY girl has completed an 11-mile charity bike ride to support a school friend who suffers from leukaemia. Sofia Atkinson, 10, cycled a tour of Witney and neighbouring villages on Saturday to raise money for Cancer Research UK. She is

  • Ashmolean’s reminder of Iraq’s shattered treasures

    A SMALL case containing a single object of baked clay now greets visitors to Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum. The small terracotta figure is almost 3,000 years old. It is a protective spirit that had been buried beneath the foundations of a palace in

  • Festival celebrates all things Palestinian

    PALESTINIAN life and culture is to be celebrated by a new festival in Oxford this summer. The Palestine Unlocked festival will feature film screenings, a comedy evening, storytelling and a photography competition among other things. It will

  • Hotel and housing estate is sold for millions

    A MULTI-MILLION pound estate that includes a hotel and housing has been sold in Oxfordshire. The grand plot, with a £3.95m guide price, in Heathfield Village, Bletchingdon includes the Oxfordshire Inn hotel, a golf driving range, residential properties

  • Fresh appeal over 20-year-old murder

    OXON: Police are investigating new leads in the 20-year-old murder of an Oxford University research nurse after a public appeal. Mother-of-three Janet Brown was found dead at the bottom of the stairs of her family home in Radnage, near Chinnor,

  • Table tennis returns

    NATIONAL Table Tennis Day is coming to Oxford on July 16 this year. The day aims to get families to get together, have fun and promote the sport by having activities organised around the city for residents to get involved in. Ping Oxford will

  • Tesco demolition to make way for retail expansion

    THE demolition of a Tesco food store and filling station in Bicester is set to be discussed today by Cherwell District Council’s planning committee. The site in Pingle Drive is next to the western boundary of Bicester Village. If plans are approved

  • Young people can get active thanks to cash boost

    YOUNG people in Oxford are to be given the chance to take part in a range of new sports after new funding was handed to a council scheme. Sports charity Access Sport has teamed up with Oxford City Council and will work to engage young people with

  • Perfect day to be in a meadow counting flowers

    WILDLIFE enthusiasts took advantage of the hot weather to count one of Britain’s rarest flowers yesterday. Staff and volunteers from the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) completed their annual count of Snake’s head

  • Festival of sports

    OXON: More than 1,500 schoolchildren will descend on Abingdon today(APRIL16) and tomorrow for a festival of sports. More than 1,500 young athletes will compete in football, netball, swimming and hockey in the 2015 Oxfordshire Sainsbury’s School

  • Four men arrested in raids are bailed

    OXON: Four men who were arrested in dawn raids across Oxford and Banbury have all been released on police bail. Five residential addresses were searched at about 6am on Tuesday by police and Trading Standards officers. Three men were arrested on

  • Fraudster is jailed over pilot scam

    A FRAUDSTER who pocketed donations he had collected for an injured pilot’s family has been jailed for 21 months. Kevin Crellin, 52, pictured, took £550 from two men for the family and another £2,400 from a woman for flying lessons he claimed to

  • Works on Plain roundabout in Oxford nearing end

    OXFORD: Work to improve The Plain roundabout is nearly finished, chiefs say. Oxfordshire County Council is carrying out resurfacing work overnight at the junction until April 24 with footway work during the day. Work on Magdalen Bridge is due to

  • Sun worshippers make the most of fine weather

    OXFORD got a taste of summer yesterday but it could all be over by tomorrow, with temperatures forecast to fall. The Met Office said temperatures soared to over 23 degrees in Oxford as residents flocked to the university parks to take advantage

  • Jam-packed at the WI

    WOMEN’S Institute members will be looking forward to a steamer trip and open-top bus tour in Oxford today, celebrating 100 years of the WI. The centenary baton arrived in Oxfordshire this week and will be making its way around 125 WIs across the

  • Video: Man killed in Banbury named as Kyle Byfield

    THE man killed in Banbury today has been named locally as Kyle Byfield. A man and a woman were still being held tonight on suspicion of murder after the 23-year-old's death. Police were called at 7.58am today following a report of a man being

  • Gershwin's all the rage for Oxford's budding thespians

    Oxfordshire Youth Music Theatre director Paul Andsell tells Stuart Macbeth why the hit musical Crazy For You is the perfect fit for the company’s clutch of talented young actors I like a Gershwin tune” sang Judy Garland back in 1941. How could

  • Film review: Child 44 - Hardy broods in a tale of intrigue

    Damon Smith sees Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace and Gary Oldman team up for a Cold War thriller Adapted from the first novel of Tom Rob Smith’s award-winning trilogy, Child 44 is a dense crime thriller steeped in the suspicion and paranoia of the Stalin-era

  • Review: Restaurant sets out its stall for quick-fire Thai

    In need of a green curry fix without the ceremony, Katherine MacAlister finds the perfect venue If you love Asian food as much as I do, news of two new Thai restaurants opening in Oxford will be like manna from the Gods. The city has gone from

  • Oxford martial art class pulls no punches

    Marc West tries his hand (elbow and knees) at a martial art designed to keep him safe on the streets In my younger days (many moons ago), Cowley Road was considered to be a rather dangerous place and it is said that students were positively discouraged

  • To grow or not to grow, that's the question

    Starting Up with Lucie Greenwood @ The Milk Shed I’ve just returned from a fantastic Easter break in Cornwall which I managed to squeeze in straight after celebrating the second anniversary of The Milk Shed. As always the minute I have a bit

  • Nibbles - The Fishes, The Thatch and more

    * Wyevale’s Bicester Avenue Garden Centre has opened the new Garden Kitchen restaurant, below, just in time for Spring, having given it an exciting new makeover. The restaurant has been inspired by the popular ‘garden-to-kitchen’ food trend giving

  • Brunch @ The Four Candles

    There's something a bit decadent about going to the pub before noon on a work day but with Wetherspoon’s causing a stir lately over the very reasonable prices of its breakfasts, that’s just what I did at 10am one day last week. Any qualms I had

  • Local line-up: who's playing Cornbury Festival?

    Strong bill of local and up-and-coming bands revealed for 'Poshstock' AN ECLECTIC line-up of bands, playing everything from jazz and blues to rock, pop and folk, has been unveiled by the organisers of Cornbury Festival. Energetic, Oxford vintage

  • Delays around Water Eaton after crash involving bus and car

    A CAR and a bus have been involved in a collision near the Water Eaton Park and ride on the A4165 Banbury Road. Spokeswoman for Thames valley Police Connie Primmer said they were called at 7.55am to the crash between a Stagecoach bus and silver

  • George Maycock

    MAYCOCK George 16th April No matter how life changes, no matter what we do there will always be a special place in all our hearts for you. Love as always, Wife Hazel and all your family. Goodnight and God bless. XXX

  • ROWING: Steely Louloudis leads Dark Blues to hat-trick

    Oxford University completely dominated the 2015 BNY Mellon and Newton Boat Races with a combination of ‘steel’ and ‘humility’ to win all five of the encounters with Cambridge, accumulating a total margin of 35 lengths, writes John Wiggins. While

  • RACING: Mick Channon eyes Qipco 2000 Guineas for Bossy Guest

    Bossy Guest could be aimed at the Qipco 2000 Guineas by West Ilsley trainer Mick Channon after landing the £100,000 Tattersalls Millions 3-Y-O Sprint at Newmarket yesterday. The three-year-old colt came with a late dash under Charlie Bishop to

  • BOWLS: Oxfordshire bag a brace of national crowns

    Oxfordshire enjoyed a brace of successes in the English Short Mat Bowling Association’s national finals at Church Gresley IBC, near Swadlincote. Gareth Davies, AJ Brown and Roger Wiggins squeezed past Gloucestershire’s Jack Knight, Ryan Knight

  • V is for Victory as D-Day hero told he can keep his allotment

    D-DAY veteran Patrick Churchill has been told he can keep his allotment after volunteers helped him restore it to its former glory. As reported in yesterday’s Oxford Mail, the 91-year-old was told he needed to give up the allotment he has had for

  • RACING: Cantlow set for crack at Galway Plate

    A tilt at the Galway Plate on July 29 is on the agenda for Cantlow following his recent sixth-placed finish in the Irish Grand National. The ten-year-old, from Paul Webber’s Mollington stables, near Banbury, showed signs of a revival at Fairyhouse

  • AUNT SALLY: Chipping Norton are champs in shield

    Chipping Norton lifted the Inter League Shield with a 2-1 victory over Oxford in the final at General Foods, Banbury. Steve England led the way for Chipping Norton with 14 dolls, including a six. Banbury won the Banbury Invitation Shield, beating

  • Parky at the Pictures (In Cinemas 16/4/2015)

    Having taken the original Heimat trilogy from the end of the Great War to the beginning of the new millennium, Edgar Reitz decided not to consider such contemporary themes as the elections of a former East German hausfrau as Chancellor and a onetime

  • Parky at the Pictures (DVD 16/4/2015)

    New Zealanders Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement join forces for the horror mockumentary, What We Do in the Shadows. Expanded from the 2005 short, What We Do in the Shadows: Interviews With Some Vampires, this largely improvised romp has been edited

  • Husband dies after coming to wife's aid in the sea in Crete

    A WIDOW told a court of her distress over the death of her husband after he came to her aid in the sea whilst on holiday. Keith Waite, 69, a chartered accountant who was born in Oxford, was swimming with his wife, Jasmine, off the town of Rethymno

  • Candidates go back to school to debate housing and uni fees

    STUDENTS quizzed parliamentary candidates on tuition fees and affordable housing at a hustings yesterday. More than 100 sixth formers from Matthew Arnold School in Arnold’s Way, Oxford, filled the assembly hall to put their concerns to candidates

  • Parents give backing for trust to control new primary school

    A TRUST that manages a primary school in Barton has been backed to run the new school that will be built as part of the Barton Park development. Residents have welcomed news that The Cheney School Academy Trust was recommended by Oxfordshire County

  • RUGBY UNION: Champions Banbury Colts A complete golden year

    BECOMING league champions is a feat in itself, but Banbury Colts A clinched the Oxon, Bucks & Berks Colts League Division 1 title in fine style by going the entire season unbeaten. The under 18 side won all ten of their matches, racking up

  • BAR BILLIARDS: Masons in control of title race

    MASONS have taken a one point-lead in the Johnsons Buildbase Oxford League Section 1 title race, writes PETE EWINS. They took full advantage of Didcot Conservative Club dropping two points to Gladiators B, by beating Headington Conservative Club

  • Margarita timms

    TIMMS Margarita (Rita) Passed away at The Homestead on Thursday 9 April 2015, aged 90, following a long illness patiently borne. Wife of the late Harvey. She will be greatly missed by Dorothy, Dudley and Grandchildren Jane and Richard and his wife

  • Peter and Phyllis Pritchard

    Peter & Phyllis Pritchard 2/4/15 Would like to thank all family and friends for making our Diamond wedding day so special. Special thanks to Janet Weston for all her hard work in arranging and setting up for this special day, and Steve and Sue of the

  • Richard Scourfield

    Richard Scourfield In loving memory of Richard 'Dick' Scourfield who passed away a year ago today. Sadly missed by Joyce, Brian and all the family.

  • Doris Ellen Butler

    BUTLER Doris Ellen Passed away peacefully at home on 23rd March 2015, aged 89 years. Loving wife of the late John, Mother to Lindsey, Grandmother to Heidi, Anne-Marie and Cara, Super Nanny to Thomas, Samuel, Amelie, Sebastain, Annabel and Barney. Funeral

  • Daniel Thamoas Power

    POWER Daniel Thomas 16.4.2009 In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather Love Margaret and all your family xxxxx

  • Emmline (Emmie) Aitken

    Aitken Emmeline (Emmie) Passed away peacefully at the John Radcliffe hospital on Tuesday 7th April 2015. Beloved wife of the late Alec and dearly loved Mum of Anna, Shirley and Ken, Robin and Margaret, David and the late Andrew, Carol and Anthony. Much

  • Jean Butterick née Sawyer

    Butterick Jean née Sawyer Passed away in hospital on April 11th 2015, taken from her loving family, the funeral service will take place at St Leanord's Church, Eynsham, at 2pm on Tuesday April 21st. Family flowers only, donations if desired to Eynsham

  • Colin Wilkins

    Wilkins Colin Passed away, whilst on holiday in Portugal on 29th March 2015. Sadly missed by his family. A celebration of Colin's life to take place at Oxford Crematorium on Wednesday 22nd April at 10.30am. Flowers or donations appreciated for Oxford


    Glenys Rhiannon MATON Passed away on Saturday 4th April 2015 Aged 84. Mum to Andrew & Peter Grandmother to James, Tom, Lewis & George. Great grandmother to Caitlyn, Ellis & Caspar. Funeral Service - South Oxfordshire Crematorium, Garford, OX13 5PA on

  • Rosemary Anne Clark née Worster

    CLARK Rosemary Anne (née Worster) Passed away suddenly after a short illness on 2nd April 2015 aged 67 years. Loving wife of Tony, daughter of Joan, mother of Becky and James and nanny of Ethan, Emelia and Georgia. Will be sadly missed by all who knew

  • Pamela June (née Haw) Oldring

    OLDRING Pamela June (née Haw) Loving mother of Elizabeth and Katherine and Grandmother of Scarlett passed peacefully away on 13th April 2015, aged 66 years, after a 5 year battle against cancer. A talented artist, devoted and active Christian in the

  • Irene Mary Glasspool

    Glasspool Irene Mary 'Rene' Of Tackley aged 91 years passed away peacefully surrounded by her loving family on 8th April 2015. Beloved wife of the late Les, much loved mother of Gill, nan to Maxine and great nanny to Fearne. Rene will be sadly missed

  • Beryl Eileen Young

    Young Beryl Eileen Of Botley, late of Verwood, Bexleyheath and Dartford, died on 11th April 2015 at Shrublands, aged 95 years. One of the last of the wartime Wrens. The Funeral will be at South Oxfordshire Crematorium on Wednesday 29th April at 11am,

  • Sybil Florence Howes

    HOWES Sybil Florence Peacefully at the Oxford Beaumont Care Community on 7th April 2015, aged 103 years. Much loved sister of Gilbert, loved aunt of Charlotte, Georgina, Jonathan and Jeremy. Enquiries to Edward Carter (FD). Tel. 01235 528293


    STIFF Emily Beatrice Aged 22 years. There will be a Memorial Service held at St Mary’s Church, Iffley, 2.00pm on Tuesday 21st April. No flowers as there will be a collection in her memory. All enquiries to S & R Childs, 4 Elms Parade, Botley, OX2 9LG

  • George Walker

    WALKER George Passed away peacefully on 6th April aged 87. Beloved husband of Rene and father to Richard, Julie and John. Also much loved granddad of 6 and great granddad of 2. Will be greatly missed by family and friends. Service to be held at Oxford

  • Sophie Parsons

    PARSONS Sophie Passed away peacefully, in Freeland, after a long illness, bravely borne, aged 89 years. Dearly loved Mum of Richard and Becky, Mother-in-law of Michael, a much loved Grandma of Matthew and Lucy and Great Grandma (Ba,Ba) of Jacob and

  • Kathleen Wheeler

    Wheeler Kathleen Died peacefully at Coxwell Hall Nursing Home, Faringdon on 7th April 2015, aged 91 years. Much loved widow of Jim, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Funeral at 2pm on Friday 24th April at St Mary's Church, Lyford. No flowers


    HYDER Vera Dorothy A memorial service will take place, celebrating Vera's rich and varied life, on Saturday the 18th of April at 2.30pm at St. Andrew's Church, Church Road, Sandford-on-Thames, Oxford. Vera was a local resident of Oxford for 35 years

  • Audrey Nicholls

    NICHOLLS Audrey Formerly of Divinity Road, and St. John’s Home, Oxford. Peacefully on 10th April at Horsfall House, Minchinhampton, aged 90 years. Dearly loved Sister of The Late Peter Nicholls, Sister-in-Law of Linda, Aunt of Sarah & Andrew and Great-Aunt

  • Oxford City Council Town and Country Planning

    DIRECTION UNDER THE TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING(GENERAL PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT) ORDER 1995Modification of the Article 4 direction made by the Oxford City Council on 28 March 2014 in relation to development consisting of office to residential change of useThe


    VALE OF WHITE HORSE PLANNING ACTSThe Planning Acts require the District Council to give notice that it has received the following applicationsP15/V0778/FUL(LB) Proposed conversionofastore room building into a self contained dwelling & new porch. Upper

  • Oxford Folk Weekend gets to the root of music

    Tim Hughes looks at the wealth of talent converging on Oxford for Folk Weekend Buff up your tankard, pull on your best woolly jumper and warm up your vocal chords... Yes, it’s time for probably the country’s most fun, colourful and easy-going