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Art goes stark with Stuart Brisley

Oxford Mail:

3:02pm Thursday 16th October 2014

Modern Art Oxford’s exhibition of work by Stuart Brisley proves a challenging proposition, as Sarah Mayhew Craddock discovers

Palace art that's Wei out there

Oxford Mail:

2:17pm Thursday 9th October 2014

Contemporary, surprising, sensational... Sarah Mayhew Craddock takes a tour of influential Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s show at Blenheim

Students master the art of new challenges

Oxford Mail:

2:23pm Thursday 18th September 2014

Sarah Mayhew Craddock explores the latest ideas being developed at Oxford Brookes’ final degree show

Putting the focus on art at Photography Oxford festival

Oxford Mail:

2:09pm Thursday 11th September 2014

Sarah Mayhew Craddock looks forward to the wealth of talent on offer in the Photography Oxford festival

Putting nature in the frame at Art Jericho

Oxford Mail:

3:00pm Thursday 21st August 2014

Sarah Mayhew-Craddock loses herself in Oxford artist Rose-Marie Caldecott’s foray into abstract landscapes

Unleash your imagination

Oxford Mail:

1:59pm Thursday 7th August 2014

Sarah Mayhew-Craddock immerses herself in an exciting exhibition created by two award-winning local artists

Bombarded by text in a monumental artwork

Oxford Mail:

1:03pm Thursday 24th July 2014

Sarah Mayhew Craddock finds herself almost lost for words over Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (Titled) at Modern Art Oxford

Real-life experience puts war in the frame

Oxford Mail:

11:59am Thursday 17th July 2014

The countdown to Art In Action has begun with the county's most prestigious art fair opening its doors once again this weekend. Katherine MacAlister examines it's newest addition; four war artists all with recent experience of the frontline

Portraits of the dead famous

Oxford Mail: Hugh Mendes

12:28pm Thursday 19th June 2014

Hugh Mendes' exhibition of newspaper obituaries translated into portraits of the great and good, gives Sarah Mayhew-Craddock pause for thought

The family that's potty about art

Oxford Mail: Clive Bowen at work in the studio

10:29am Thursday 15th May 2014

Katherine MacAlister talks to husband and wife artists Jane and Dylan Bowen

Discover the inspiration behind county talent

Oxford Mail: Sculptor Martin Smith

10:02am Thursday 1st May 2014

Esther Lafferty is excited by the many and varied artworks - and artists - on show for this year's Oxfordshire Artsweeks event

Old Fire Station show puts art on the map

Oxford Mail: Old Fire Station show puts art on the map

1:01pm Thursday 6th March 2014

Sarah Mayhew-Craddock gets lost in an exhibition of geographical artwork by Emma Moxey

Educating Oxfordshire - teachers' pet project

Oxford Mail: Nicola Belson's Queen of the Wild

11:00am Thursday 27th February 2014

Sarah Mayhew-Craddock sees hope for the future in an exhibition of teachers’ work

Arts are bursting out all over

Oxford Mail: The Ambiguous Kim by Liviu Mihai from Romania

12:53pm Thursday 6th February 2014

Sarah Mayhew Craddock hears that this weekend’s Art Fair and May’s artweeks more than make up for an alleged ‘lack of cultural events’

Keeping abreast of history at the Ashmolean

Oxford Mail: Keeping abreast of history at the Ashmolean

1:58pm Thursday 23rd January 2014

Sarah Mayhew-Craddock looks forward to an exciting new project marrying the past and the present like never before

Oxford’s Radcliffe Observatory is going for the glow

Oxford Mail: All lit up: Oxford’s Radcliffe Observatory

4:59pm Thursday 28th November 2013

An intriguing installation of shifting lights draws SARAH MAYHEW towards Oxford’s Radcliffe Observatory Quarter

Pop-Up Print show at Oxford’s Old Fire Station makes a big impression

Oxford Mail: Vibrant: Work by Charlotte Farmer

12:32pm Friday 8th November 2013

SARAH MAYHEW gives an exhibition of prints the stamp of approval

Art elsewhere: More places to see art around Oxfordshire this month

6:25pm Thursday 12th September 2013

A round-up of art exhibitions in Oxfordshire

The Society of Woodgravers bring cutting edge craft to Oxford's Art Jericho

Oxford Mail: Intricate: Woodcarving

6:14pm Thursday 12th September 2013

The fascinating art of wood engraving is still going strong around the world and will soon be in Oxford, as SARAH MAYHEW discovers

Out & about: Snapper's gems at Art Jericho really rock

Oxford Mail: Snapper: Dean Ryan

Marc West kets up close with an exhibition with rock portraits - and their subjects: Rock Portraits 90/94 @ Art Jericho

Out & about: Drawn to take part at Ashmolean Museum

Oxford Mail: Maddy Schutz and Amelia Pond

1:49pm Thursday 4th July 2013

LiveFriday at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum gets MARC WEST’S creative juices flowing

Waiting For The Interval

Oxford Mail: INTERVAL: 'yet another excellent exhibition curated by the Old Fire Station'

4:00pm Thursday 27th June 2013

To make the most out of the Old Fire Station’s latest art exhibition, take a moment to pause, says SARAH MAYHEW CRADDOCK

Outside Edge

Oxford Mail: GLAM ROCK: 'this exhibition showcases some of the best sculpture the region has seen in a long time...'

4:00pm Thursday 23rd May 2013

Sarah Mayhew laps up a new exhibition of sculptural works in Clanfield

Looking ahead to Artweeks

Oxford Mail: Yes, by OVADA

5:06pm Thursday 2nd May 2013

SARAH MAYHEW looks forward to the burst of creativity that heralds Artweeks

Different Strokes

Oxford Mail: JULIAN TREVELYAN: 'Possessing no formal art training, it is no wonder that Trevelyan had a sponge-like capacity to absorb a range of influences and techniques'

4:00pm Thursday 25th April 2013

ELIZABETH BROWN ponders how a life of ‘events’ shaped the work of Julian Trevelyan

Jumbo Talent

Oxford Mail: FREEFALL: JETHRO BUCK: 'His works are restrained yet bold, precocious and simultaneously earnest'

4:00pm Thursday 11th April 2013

ELIZABETH BROWN is transported from Jericho to Jaipur thanks to artist Jethro Buck

Webbed Feat

Oxford Mail: ART ON THE INTERNET: "To start the creative warm-up, set aside an evening and become your own programmer"

4:00pm Thursday 7th March 2013

CLAUDIA FIGUEIREDO stirs from under the covers to explore new art on the internet

Self Styled

Oxford Mail: CHRISTIAN THOMPSON: "influencing a new generation of Indigenous Australian artists whose work, not unexpectedly, explores issues of identity, cultural hybridity and history"

4:00pm Thursday 31st January 2013

The bold work of Aboriginal Australian artist Christian Thompson at Trinity College catches SARAH MAYHEW off guard

Taking Root

Oxford Mail: EZRA COHEN: "Cohen’s playfulness with materials makes for a quirky viewing experience..."

4:00pm Thursday 24th January 2013

ELIZABETH BROWN finds the landscapes of Ezra Cohen have a life of their own

Canal Hopper

Oxford Mail: MUCKIN' ABOUT ON THE WATER...: 'being on the water is surprisingly disorientating...'

4:00pm Thursday 17th January 2013

ELLIE SIMMONDS gets to see her hometown from a new perspective aboard a narrowboat

Simply Complex

Oxford Mail: AMALIA PICA: 'Pica’s works are injected with a colourful vitality'

4:00pm Thursday 17th January 2013

SARAH MAYHEW contemplates the artwork of Amalia Pica at Modern Art Oxford and finds it speaks volumes

Pane And Gain For Christmas Shoppers

Oxford Mail: SANDERS: 'display is a poetic one, inviting viewers to peer through a stark forest where a print of a wise old owl perches on a branch...'

4:00pm Thursday 13th December 2012

With the Christmas season well under way, SARAH MAYHEW takes a wander through Oxford to see how galleries and stores are adding sparkle to their festive displays

Quiet Moments of Breathtaking Art by Trevor Ashby

Oxford Mail: TREVOR ASHBY: " I have been influenced by changing situations and opportunities"

4:00pm Thursday 22nd November 2012

The intricacies of nature are transformed into breathtaking art by Trevor Ashby at Art Jericho, as SARAH MAYHEW discovers

Full Circle For High House Gallery's New RE/VISION Exhibition

Oxford Mail: RE/VISION: "The viewer is put on the back-foot of unfamiliarity, and it’s a very exciting feeling..."

4:00pm Thursday 8th November 2012

SARAH MAYHEW discovers small is definitely beautiful at the High House Gallery in Clanfield when she visits RE/VISION, a solo exhibition by Minhong Pyo

Lasting Legacy of Modern Art Oxford's Michael Stanley

Oxford Mail: Michael Stanley at Modern Art Oxford

6:00pm Thursday 27th September 2012

SARAH MAYHEW reflects on the legacy of the director of Modern Art Oxford Michael Stanley, below, after his death this week, as the gallery prepares to stage two new exhibitions

Local Heroes Display Their Art at Oxford Castle for 'Keeping It Local'

Oxford Mail: CHRISTOPHER TOWNSEND EXHIBIT: "Art defines a lifestyle..."

6:00pm Thursday 13th September 2012

Sarah Mayhew finds plenty to be excited about in a new event bringing together more than 100 artistic folk at Oxford Castle

Simon Annand's Candid Camera Catches Stars At Oxford's North Wall

Oxford Mail: DANIEL CRAIG: preparing to tread the boards

6:00pm Thursday 30th August 2012

Katherine Macalister was granted exclusive access to question photographer Simon Annand about his extraordinary work and his yet unfulfilled ambitions. He answers her questions – including which actors turned him down

Follow The Pattern of Dar Al Naim Mubarak Carmona at Oxford's Old Fire Station

Oxford Mail: BREATHTAKING: Dar Al Naim Mubarek Carmona

6:00pm Thursday 23rd August 2012

The Old Fire Station is the perfect setting for the work of exciting young artist Dar Al Naim Mubarak Carmona, as  SARAH MAYHEW discovers

Steve Redgrave - Rowed to success

Oxford Mail: Steve Redgrave with the torch

6:10pm Thursday 16th August 2012

Is there a Redgrave rowing dynasty shaping up around Sir Steve? That would hardly be surprising. The five-time Olympic gold medallist has become something of a poster-boy for the real meaning of the Olympic Games. Decency, grit, and courage.

Exhibition at Oxford's China Shop Gallery Will Blow You Away

Oxford Mail: EXHIBITION AT CHINA SHOP GALLERY: 'An exhibition to avoid with a hangover, but an exhibition that will blow your mind like no ordinary Friday night legacy...'

6:00pm Thursday 2nd August 2012

A small-scale exhibition at The China Shop Gallery in East Oxford blows SARAH MAYHEW’S mind in a big way Apophenia (checks dictionary) – the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data… am I going to enjoy this, I wonder?

Photographic Exhibition at Art Jericho Is Mind-Blowing

Oxford Mail: AWAY: 'presents the work of two fascinating artists, both excellent photographers whose captivating works gently tease the viewer into addressing significant socio-political issues that sit constantly at our doorstep'

6:00pm Thursday 26th July 2012

Time stands still for no man. And that very much feels the case in Jericho right now, as this ancient little high street morphs around our ears and before our eyes, writes Sarah Mayhew. Picking up on this feeling of unrest, unknown, and the slight awkwardness that hangs in the air Art Jericho presents Away, a photographic exhibition by Oxford-based artist Sharon Boothroyd, and Hampshire-based artist Tim Crooks. Encapsulating different notions of absence Boothroyd and Crooks present separate bodies of work that come together to portray the impact of loss on individuals and society alike.

Powerful Images Capture Olympic Spirit In Art Exhibition at Oxford's Old Power Station

Oxford Mail: EXERCISE: 'a fascinating and phenomenal feat on every level'

6:00pm Thursday 19th July 2012

A highly-charged cinematic installation in a dramatic setting puts an interesting twist on the current Olympic obsession, as SARAH MAYHEW finds out

High Jinks

Oxford Mail: HIGH HOUSE GALLERY: 'Through humour we can address the taboo and open up a wider discourse to important topics.'

6:00pm Thursday 12th July 2012

SARAH MAYHEW checks out the first exhibition at High House Gallery in Clanfield – a look at humour in art Fancy a ride out? What if I whispered that an ambitious new art gallery and temporary sculpture garden has opened in Clanfield (20 miles west of Oxford)?

Home Work

Oxford Mail: JENNY SAVILLE: “If I could sum up verbally what my work was about I wouldn’t need to paint. That’s the point of painting – it speaks to the part of us that’s non verbal"

6:00pm Thursday 28th June 2012

Modern Art Oxford is hosting Oxford painter Jenny Saville’s first solo exhibition, which is creating ripples around the globe. Katherine MacAlister catches up with the local painter to find out what her paintings are all about It’s been a long time coming. Jenny Saville is a Charles Saatchi protegee whose reputation has grown and grown in recent years, her work now being coveted by global collectors and galleries.

World's Apart

Oxford Mail: THE STORY MUSEUM: "I’d like to live here...."

6:00pm Thursday 17th May 2012

SARAH MAYHEW gets carried away in the Other Worlds exhibition taking place until May 27 at The Story Museum I don’t know about you, but it’s Queen’s Lane and Iffley Road that do it for me…capture my late-night imagination, and transport me to another wonderland as I wander through Oxford’s streets.

Artistic Impression

Oxford Mail: OXFORDSHIRE ART WEEKS: "it’s as far from pretentious as art gets..."

6:00pm Thursday 26th April 2012

As it prepares to mark its 30th anniversary year, SARAH MAYHEW previews some of the attractions coming to Oxfordshire Artweeks, which is bringing creativity to the county throughout next month.

Bright Star

Oxford Mail: SHEZAD DAWOOD: “I am a great believer in opening up spaces..."

6:00pm Thursday 19th April 2012

The first major solo exhibition by British artist Shezad Dawood proves to be a challenging experience for SARAH MAYHEW at Modern Art Oxford.

Bronze Medallists

Oxford Mail: UPLIFTING: Sculpture and Sport - A Celebration For 2012 at the Ashmolean Museum

6:00pm Thursday 29th March 2012

SARAH MAYHEW looks at some sculptures inspired by the 2012 London Olympics.

Hospital Corners

Oxford Mail: THE RADCLIFFE INFIRMARY: 'packs a very poignant punch...'

6:00pm Thursday 15th March 2012

Rob Judges’ photographic study of the demolition of Oxford’s iconic Radcliffe Infirmary packs a very powerful punch for SARAH MAYHEW at Art Jericho.

Hall Together

6:00pm Thursday 23rd February 2012

SARAH MAYHEW discovers there’s now much more than meets the eye behind the austere facade of Oxford Town Hall.

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