What I’m called: Pc 1427 Paul Phillips My age: 48.

What I do: I am due to retire in June after serving with Thames Valley Police for 32 years, 30 of which have been based at Oxford and Cowley.

Where I live: I am originally from Berkshire but live in Oxfordshire now.

Who I love: My family are very close to me and despite my two children having now grown up we all still try to spend as much time and days out together as we can.

Happiest years: Getting married to my wife Lynda in 1988 and the births of my children James in 1990 and Hannah in 1993.

Darkest moment: I cannot really think of anything.

Proudest boast: Going to Buckingham Palace with my family in 2005 to receive the Queen’s Police Medal from the Queen.

Worst weakness: I have never been able to say ‘no’ to anyone who wants advice or help, whether at work or at home.

Lessons learned: Throughout my career in the police I have found that it is good to listen and understand issues affecting people and act in the best interests of all concerned to resolve matters, instead of being focused on one element of the problem.

Greatest shame: The fact that myself and other police officers with 30 years’ experience, who are still able to provide a front-line service, are having to take retirement instead of continuing in their roles due to the government cutbacks. People laugh at me when I say I am retiring at 48, they cannot believe it.

Lifelong hero: I don’t really have anyone I can think of.

Oldest friend: My old school mate Mark, from Reading. We still meet up regularly for a drink and a chat about the good old days.

Widest smile: Reaching 32 years’ service in the police, a very demanding but rewarding job.

Favourite dream: That my children find rewarding jobs – my daughter is joining the police later this year.

Biggest regret: Getting promoted would have been good but I would not have had as much opportunity to walk the beat in Oxford city centre and meet some wonderful people in the process.