Vikings A closed in on Oxford & District League Division 1 leaders Rutherford after a 9-1 victory over British Rail.

Jingyu Sun, Pawel Jaskolski and Rob Williams all recorded maximums, but slipped up with the doubles.

After Rutherford could only record a 7-3 success over Forum B, Vikings sit just one point off top spot, and with a game in hand.

In Division 2, Forum C stay top after an 8-2 win over Haddenham A.

A good team performance saw Forum D defeat Vikings D 6-4, despite Eamonn Deeley winning three times for the losers.

Vikings F excelled themselves by beating the Division 3 leaders Bicester E 6-4.

Huw Morgan led the way with a fine maximum and he was well-supported by Tatiana Bachkirova and John Tremayne.

In Division 4, two-man Bicester F held Forum L to a draw, thanks largely to a maximum for Bicester’s Stan Harding.


Division 1: Vikings A 9 (J Sun 3, P Jaskolski 3, R Williams 3), British Rail 1; Bicester A 8 (J Rigby 3, T Gorman 3), Vikings B 2; Forum B 3, RAL 7 (T Stead 3, N Hurford 3).

Division 2: Forum D 6, Vikings D 4 (E Deeley 3); Haddenham A 2, Forum C 8 (C Smith 3); Begbroke 3, Vikings C 7 (J Lawton Smith 3).

Division 3: Bicester D 6 (A Crofts 3), Forum G 4; Forum H 2, Forum F 8 (E Ball 3, N Harris 3); Vikings E 3, Witney A 7; St James 4 (P Guest 3), Gladiators B 6; Vikings F 6 (H Morgan 3), Bicester E 4.

Division 4: Forum L 5, Bicester F 5 (S Harding 3); Forum M 6, Holton C 4 (S Khoronenkova 3).