ANDY Whing remains upbeat about returning to fitness in early March despite having a third operation in six weeks.

The midfielder had surgery in December to re-attach a tendon in his groin to the bone.

It went well, but the wound needed clearing out earlier this month.

That failed to completely solve the problem, so a plastic surgeon was needed to attach a vacuum pump.

Whing admits having a tube attached to a motor for several days was uncomfortable – and attracted some strange looks – but it appears to have done the trick and was removed last week.

He said: “I looked like a right numpty going on the train, but luckily it came off after four or five days.

“There was a big tube and when I was walking it kept getting caught on doorknobs, it was a nightmare.

“Once it’s healed I can start doing exercise outside.

“I’m still hoping for early March, which was what we thought from the second op.”