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    BigAlBiker wrote:
    BigCrompy said:-

    But baying for blood incessantly now; is nothing short of destructive. What do you stand to gain from it, mate?

    Well guess what "mate" and besides i am not your mate and never will be, the enjoyment i have gained from winding you lot up is awesome, talk about people biting when someone has something to say, did not the people on here even catch the smallest of clues when i said to appoint the facist known as Paolo DiCanio, or suggest Chris Wilder went to Watford? No you are a thick as mud. Why would any sensible supporter of Oxford United this year want what looks to be on performances so far a good year to send the manager elswhere???

    OK yes i called for him to be sacked last year, and the year before because i thought he was rubbish, this year on the other hand he does seem to be selecting a good team, ok we could do better at home but confidence is coming and we can only hope. Bsed on this first half of the season he deserves another contract, how long for i shall leave that to IL.

    Back to cutting grass you lot of numprty's.
    What a strange little boy.

    I'm presuming all the other children point and call him names at school, either that or he's had a tragic break-up with his woolly girlfriend/uncle, Flossie.

    Got one thing right, though - I certainly am as thick as mud. It's a constant source of amazement to me that I got through medical school when I'm quite this dim.

    Or my post-grad diploma.

    Or my specialist training.

    I've been working hard at the Brain Training on the ol' DS though, and I'm hoping one day I'll be smart enough to come and join you and those other intellectual giants on the staff at Aldi.

    You're quite right in that I'm also probably a complete and utter "numprty's", although I'm yet to fathom what one could possibly be.

    However far be it from me to stand in the way of a little boy and his virtual "awesome enjoyment"; I'm probably best off deriving my enjoyment, like normal people, from his top-of-the-league team (and occasional social interaction with other human beings).

    Gonna sign off now as I'm far too "wound up"…

    …except that it's 40 degrees today in Melbourne, and I'm off to the beach. (Clue - I'm not really wound up at all)."
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Oxford United chairman to open contract talks with manager Chris Wilder in new year

Oxford Mail: Chairman Ian Lenagan watches as Oxford United scored a dramatic injury-time winner to beat Dagenham 2-1 on Saturday and stay top of Sky Bet League Two Chairman Ian Lenagan watches as Oxford United scored a dramatic injury-time winner to beat Dagenham 2-1 on Saturday and stay top of Sky Bet League Two

IAN Lenagan will open talks with Oxford United boss Chris Wilder in the new year over a potential extension to his contract.

The U’s chairman stressed that he and the manager both crave success, and whether United can maintain their promotion charge will ultimately determine whether Wilder gets a new deal.

Lenagan believes the former Halifax boss has gone from a ‘good’ to a ‘very good’ manager since the summer.

And the club’s owner says the team’s terrific run of form this campaign more than justifies his decision to stand by the 46-year-old.

Like several key players, Wilder’s contract expires at the end of the season.

Lenagan has an option to extend the deal by an extra 12 months and will hold talks in the new year, as is stipulated in the contract.

He said: “We always said once the year turned we would start to have conversations about next year.

“We have an option in his contract that says we can take him and we have to exercise that by a certain date.”

The U’s chairman, however, did not want to reveal when that date was.

Lenagan handed Wilder a one-year contract in April in the face of criticism from a section of supporters who wanted a change.

It looks a shrewd decision, with United top of Sky Bet League Two and in the third round of the FA Cup.

Lenagan is delighted with what has been delivered so far, while stressing the job is not yet complete by comparing the situation to Wigan Warriors, the rugby league club he also owns.

He said: “If you look at what he has achieved in the last six months, he has recruited very well, he has played young players, has a great team spirit and we are top of the league.

“This is a manager that many people thought couldn’t take us further. I think he has already taken us further in those respects.

“He hasn’t got us promotion yet, but you can’t do that in December.

“I said to Shaun Wane, the Wigan Warriors coach, a year ago, that falling in the semi-final is no good, that is not what you have to do to get your contract extended.

“He won two trophies the following year and got his contract extended.

“Managers recognise they have to win promotion, whether that is by being top or not.

“Chris well understands that is what we are trying to do, but I can’t fault him in terms of the performance improvement he has made in the last six months.

“From a strong base he has gone from being good to very good in my opinion.”

The lack of security was the main reason the United manager spoke to Portsmouth about their vacant position earlier this month, the first time he had made such a move in five years with the club.

And the United chairman believes the situation with Pompey has not had a negative impact on their relationship.

“If anything it has made it stronger,” he said.

“He and I talked about it all the way through very openly and honestly.

“At the end of it we are together and I don’t have a problem with any of it.

“Neither should our fans, it’s not disloyal if you only have six months left on your contract to go and talk to somebody.

“If he was talking to three or four clubs I’d have a different view, but he’s not and I think that loyalty is commendable.”

Lenagan added: “He wants to stay at Oxford, there’s no debate about that, he wants to take us into League One and move onwards.

“There’s no debate whatsoever, if he takes us into League One then he is with us for a good while and he deserves that in every respect.”

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