If the start of the Football League last weekend was the appetiser, then the main course is coming on Saturday in the form of the Premier League.

Last season provided us with one of the most exciting of recent Premiership years.

Manchester City were the deserved winners of the title with Liverpool and Chelsea taking them to the wire.

The three-horse race last term might well involve five clubs this time, with Arsenal and Manchester United possibly joining in.

What makes this year so special is that those five teams HAVE to win the title this year.

Second place and just qualifying for the Champions League will not be acceptable for both chairmen and fans.

Those high-profile and highly-paid managers will be under severe pressure to deliver the Premier League trophy – it’s what they were brought in to do and paid so much for.

Most managers threw around the word ‘transition’ like it was confetti last season.

But they won’t be able to be use it to paint over the obvious cracks or bad performances by their teams this season.

They have all had a season under their belts, and have all been given the freedom to improve their squad in the way they wanted to.

Before a ball is even kicked, I’m going to stick my neck on the line and predict a title winner.

My favourites to grab the glory have to be my beloved Chelsea.

The Blues seem to have the most rounded squad, and have strong competition for places in every position on the pitch.

Manchester City are a close second but, after their lacklustre performance in the Community Shield on Sunday, I don’t know what to expect from them especially early on in the season.

Liverpool have strengthened their squad, but are obviously weakened by the loss of Luis Suarez.

However, I do expect them to be in the mix once again.

I will be more interested to see how they cope with the pressure of expectation in this campaign.

Last season they had the luxury of playing without any pressure as nobody thought they would be where they were.

On Sunday’s showing in the Community Shield, Arsenal have sent a strong message to everyone that simply says they are ready to compete with the big boys this term.

Every time the Gunners went up against the big teams last season they came unstuck and looked well out of their depth.

Manchester United have a new sense of confidence, and it comes in the shape of Louis van Gaal.

After what was the club’s worst season in their Premiership history they will want to put things right.

I believe they are still a season or two away from being genuine contenders, but it is Manchester United and they do have the luxury of no European football this season.

Everton manager Roberto Martinez’s and Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino will want to have their own say on which way the title goes.

I will be excited to see if these two young managers can improve their teams and break into the upper echelons of the Premier League.

It all makes for another exciting Premier League season, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds week after week.