OXFORDSHIRE begin their BDO Inter-Counties Championship Division campaign with a match at home to County Durham this weekend.

The match will be played at Bicester Ex-services and Families Club in Sheep Street.

World No 2 Deta Hedman is again in the Oxfordshire side who will be keen to better their fifth position of last season.

Saturday’s B team matches start at noon, with the A team contests being played on Sunday from 11am.

Entry for spectators costs £4 for the weekend.


Ladies’ A: Cali Birch, S Cox, E Everett, D Hedman, K Ledbury, J Telling.

Men’s A: T Baughan, G Grant, P Hall, S Holley, J Jukes, P Kearns, P Krabben, A Larner, L Russell, K Smith, S Wright, T Wood.

Ladies’ B: Cath Birch, T Blackman, G Freshwater, Ir Richardson, L Ross, C Smith.

Men’s B: M Burns, D Fowler, C Howse, A Jones, S Key, K Lowe, J Robinson, J Russell, N Russell, J Shirley, P Smith, S Tricker.