Marlborough Club pipped Section 1 rivals 5-4 Goodlake Arms B in a high-class Greene King ODDA Summer League encounter.

The home side took the opening game when Simon Keys (180) defeated Les Radford, despite two maximums from the latter, Tom Baughan levelling with a win over Nick Baldwin.

Marlborough stormed 4-1 clear, thanks to Dan Wyatt (180), Derek Lucas (180) and Roger Crook.

Mark Fowler pulled one back and although Marlborough lost the pairs 2-1, it was enough for victory.

Corner House B, smarting from last week’s 7-2 defeat at Cowley Workers, got their revenge in the return.

Trevor Ballard gave the home the lead, but Workers levelled, thanks to two 180’s from Aaron Stevens.

Mark Kerry and Mick Kennett made it 3-1 to Corner House and although Pete Hall reduced the arrears, a splendid win from Rhys Kerry put Corner House in command.

They lost the pairs, but it was enough for a 5-4 verdict.

Marston British Legion A went down 5-4 at Black Bull in a match that saw two fine finishes of 119 and 104 from the Legion’s Andy Warden.

In the ladies league, Section 1 side Vikings Social Club lost 5-4 at Premier outfit Black Swan.

Vikings took the opening game via Lydia Harper, but the Premier side responded through Shaz Thompson and Angie Turner.

Visitors’ captain Chris Gerkin defeated opposite number Sue Smith to square it up before Chris Thompson put Swan 3-2 clear.

Debbie Stevens grabbed a vital win over Sue Simms for 3-3 and a 2-1 pairs success wrapped it up for Swan.

Donnington CC B prevailed 5-4 at Section 2 rivals Berinsfield CC, with singles victories from Doris Mundy, Clare Hume and Deanne Rhymes, plus a 2-1 pairs win.

* THE ODDA Winter League finals take place at Oxford SC, Romanway, on Friday (7.30pm). Tickets (£3) are available at the door.


Men’s Premier & Section 1: Marlborough 5, Goodlake Arms B 4; Windrush 4, Peachcroft 4.

Section 2: Corner House B 5, Cowley Workers 4; Green Rd A 7, George Bar A 2; Cricketers A 3, Donnington 6.

Section 3: Vikings 7, Democrats 2; Village Inn 7, Cricketers C 2; Black Bull 5, Marston RBL A 4.

Section 4: Catherine Wheel A 6, Cricketers B 3; Marston RBL B 5, Red Lion A 4; Masons Arms 2, Nuffield Lounge A 7.

Section 5: Golden Ball A 6, Nuffield Bar B 3; Crown House B 4, Garsington CC 5.

Section 6: Berkshire House 4, Gladiators 5; George Bar B 4, Headington RBL 5; Six Bells B 1, Prince of Wales 8.

Section 7: New Club 7, Northway 2; Nuffield Lounge 5, Florence Park 4; Three Horseshoes 4, Golden Ball B 5.

Section 8: Prince of Wales A 6, Crown House A 3.

Ladies’ Premier & Section 1: Black Swan 5, Vikings 4.

Section 2: Corner House 2, Crown Inn 7; Donnington C 4, Crown Inn 5; Berinsfield 4, Donnington B 5.

Section 3: Red Lion 3, Catherine Wheel D 6; Democrats 3, Black Horse B 6.

Section 4: Chequers Inn 5, Sun 4; Black Horse A 4, Six Bells C 5.

Section 6: Masons 5, North Oxford 4; Littlemore RBL 4, Six Bells B 5; Cowley A 7, George Bar B 2.

Section 7: Catherine Wheel B 4, Six Bells 5.

This week’s 180’s: L Radford (Goodlake B) 2, A Stevens (Cowley Workers) 2, S Bennett (Goodlake B), S Keys (Marlborough) D Lucas (Marlborough), D Wyatt (Marlborough), P Oakley (Cowley Workers), M Kearns (Windrush), R Smith (Windrush), M Dobbin (Green Rd A), M Worrall (Donnington), M Andrews (Cricketers A), K Masterson (Vikings), J Dineen (Vikings), C Joy (Cricketers B), S Davis (Cricketers B), P Kinch (Nuffield Arms), C Tarrant (Crown House B), A McGovern (Golden Ball B).

Ton-plus finishes: T Ballard (Corner House B) 120, M Dobbin (Green Rd A) 120, A Warden (Marston RBL A) 119, C Pollard (Vikings) 113, M Kerry (Corner House B) 109, W Jones (Prince of Wales) 107, M Stocker (Green Rd A) 106, A Warden (Marston RBL B) 104, M Royal (Village Inn) 101, D Andrews (Village Inn) 100.