Alan Jarvis, who trains at Twyford, near Bicester, has conceded his career is over after losing his appeal against the British Horseracing Authority’s decision not to grant him a licence.

The BHA’s licensing committee announced in March that the 75-year-old handler would not be granted a full licence after deciding he was “not a suitable person”.

The reasons for the decision were not revealed at the conclusion of the first hearing.

However, Jarvis was declared bankrupt last year over debts owed to Doncaster Bloodstock Sales Limited which have still not been settled.

Jarvis, whose training career spans more than 40 years with over 750 winners, was granted a temporary licence to continue operating from Twyford pending the result of yesterday’s appeal hearing.

However, he failed in his attempt to overturn the original decision, with his son, Tim, now hoping to assume control at Mill Race Stables.

A statement from Jarvis’s barrister Roderick Moore said: “Alan is naturally very disappointed that he has not been granted a full licence to train, and that his training career, which has spanned many decades and produced scores of winners and placed horses, will shortly be brought to a close.

“While he accepts of course that he fell into debt to Doncaster Bloodstock Sales Ltd, he regrets that DBS used and then carried out threats of an objection to his licence and bankruptcy as a means of debt recovery.

“Given that he is now 75 years of age, the consequence of this state of affairs is that his retirement from training, and hopefully his replacement by his son, Tim, will have been brought forward by a year or two.

“He looks forward to helping and supporting his son, Tim, and hopes thereby to enjoy remaining involved in racing.”

Adam Brickell, director of integrity, legal and risk for the BHA, said: “The licensing committee considered a substantial weight of evidence relating to a number of factors relevant to Mr Jarvis’s suitability, including examples of Mr Jarvis failing to act with the integrity expected of a licensed individual.

“BHA, therefore, welcomes the decision of the appeal board to dismiss the appeal lodged by Mr Jarvis.”

The BHA confirmed Jarvis has been given another temporary licence until May 27, and is allowed to make entries until May 19.