OXFORD City Council will carry out inspections on all of their football pitches today, with the weekend programme again likely to be decimated by the weather.

Calor League side Banbury United started to pump water off their Spencer Stadium pitch last night in the hope that Saturday’s home Premier Division match with Arlesey Town will get the go-ahead.

Boss Edwin Stein said last night:

“At the moment, you would need flippers and a snorkel to play on it.

“But the weather is supposed to get better over the next few days, so we will start pumping off the water.”

North Leigh, who are due to host Taunton Town in Division 1 South & West at Eynsham Park, are hopeful the game will be on.

Their manager, Mark Gee, said: “We could have played on it today (Wednesday), but It depends how much more rain we get.”