TOWN saw off Gown in their annual contest at the University Sports Centre, Iffley Road.

Oxford sealed both men’s clashes, while the ladies’ match was drawn.

Pawel Jaskolski, Tony Stead, Neil Hurford and Glen Freeman took control as Town’s first-team won 7-3.

Kristofer Hammarback, Paul Erdunast and Anthony Chuahafter had kept Oxford University in it at 3-3. Oxford 2nd triumphed 9-1, with only Roger Look gaining a student success.

Students Yiqi Zhang and Jessie Cao dominated the top end of the ladies’ match, but their side were a player short.

Oxford’s Tatiana Bachkirova, Sharon Curtis, Svetlana Khoronenkova and Vicky Coll forced a 5-5 draw.