Oxfordshire & North Bucks Championships

CITY of Oxford made a big splash with 20 gold medals on the second weekend of the Oxon & North Bucks County Championships at Aylesbury.

They touched first in 14 individual events and pulled off a clean sweep in the six girls’ relays.

Lucy Smith, Olivia Webster and Erin Gilchrist were double individual winners in the Aquavale pool.

Smith’s successes came in the girls’ 16-year-olds 400m individual medley in 5mins 1.48secs and the 400m freestyle in 4.22.61.

Webster won the 12-year-olds 400m individual medley in 5.36.62 and the 400m freestyle in 4.54.92.

And Gilchrist took the ten-year-olds 400m individual medley in 6.15.37 and the 400m freestyle in 5.22.46.

Lisa van Breugel continued City’s gold rush by winning the girls’ 17 and over 400m freestyle in 4.19.49, while Eleanor McNally claimed victory in the 14-year-olds’ 400m individual medley.

In the 13-year-olds events, Isobel Meikle won the 400m individual medley in 5.02.63, and Emily Nisbet took the 400m freestyle in 4.34.83.

City’s boys also enjoyed success with Robert Youngs Do Patrocinio first home in the 12-year-olds 400m freestyle in 4.27.98, and Joseph Canlan-Shaw winning the 17 and over 400m individual medley in 4.24.70.

In the disability events, Christopher Currie took the boys’ ten and over 400m freestyle in 4.50.83, and Rosie Bancroft won the girls’ ten and over 400m freestyle in 4.42.71.

City swept the board in the relays, with Gilchrist being joined by Zakira Klico, Natasha Fenton and Delphine Little to take the nine-ten years 200m medley event in 2.29.56, and the 200m freestyle race in 2.14.11.

Webster teamed up with Emilia Chen, Maia Little and Alissa Clarke to win the 11-12 years 200m medley relay in 2.16.67 and the 200m freestyle relay in 2.03.54.

Meikle, Rachel Allen, Emily Wood and Ellie Millington took the 13-14 years 200m medley relay in 2.05.57.

Meikle was then joined by Nisbet, McNally and Bailey Jeremy to complete the full house in the 13-14 years 200m freestyle relay in 1.53.62.

Abingdon Vale bagged a brace of golds, with Niall O’Leary winning the boys’ 16-year-olds 400m freestyle in 4.09.98, and David Murphy taking the 14-year-olds 400m individual medley in 4.48.44.

Edward Burrowes struck gold for Didcot Barramundi in the boys’ 15-year-olds 400m individual medley.

And Bicester Blue Fins’s Georgia Tagg was first home in the girls’ 14-year-olds 400m freestyle in 4.39.57.


10 year – 400m IM: 3 G Youngs Do Patricinio (COX) 6.29.04. 400m freestyle: 2 N Fenton (COX) 5.32.49.
11 year – 400m IM: 2 C De Vita (COX) 5.52.67. 400m free-style: 2 C De Vita (COX) 5.04.57; 3 E Costello (AV) 5.24.99.
12 year – 400m IM: 2 A Clarke (COX) 5.46.72; 3 L Gotta (COX) 5.47.52. 400m freestyle: 2 A Clarke (COX) 4.59.38; 3 E Tagg (BBF) 4.59.70.
13 year – 400m IM: 2 E Nisbet (COX) 5.18.25; 3 I Brewster (COX) 5.25.70. 400m freestyle: 2 I Meikle (COX) 4.35.16; 3 I Brewster (COX) 4.43.86.
14 year – 400m IM: 2 L Gaen (COX) 5.23.01; 3 N Lijzenga (AV) 5.24.01. 400m freestyle: 2 K Mills (COX) 4.39.75; 3 E McNally (COX) 4.41.39.
15 year – 400m IM: 3 E Oliver (COX) 5.03.60. 400m freestyle: E Oliver (COX) 4.21.63.
16 year – 400m IM: 2 C King (BBF) 5.24.27. 400m freestyle: 2 C King (BBF) 4.38.77.
9-10 year –  200m medley: 2 AV (L James, J Cooper Marcos, E Ford, M Hijink) 2.38.48; 3 WWH (I McInness, C Taylor, C Thomson, E Onay) 2.47.28. 200m freestyle: 2 AV (E Ford, M Hijink, L James, L Pilbeam) 2.23.68; 3 WWH (E Onay, C Taylor, I McInnes, C Thomson) 2.28.60.
11-12 year –  200m medley: 3 AV (E Costello, J Rennie, C Halfhead, Y Tajali) 2.23.86. 200m freestyle: 2 AV (Y Tajali, A Jackson, R Casey, C Halfhead) 2.05.42; 3 COX (C De Vita, S Freitas Schoeftel, I Bakkali, L Gotta) 2.08.10.
13-14 year - 200m medley: 2 COX (K Mills, E McNally, L Gaen, B Jeremy) 2.06.11. 200m freestyle: 2 COX (E Millington, L Gaen, A Coombs, K Mills) 1.54.80; 3 BBF (G Tagg, J Alexander, E Falkner, C Best) 1.55.03.
10 year – 400m freestyle: 2 A Baum (DB) 5.45.62; 3 C Bullock (AV) 5.47.08.
11 year – 400m freestyle: 2 O Hodgson (AV) 5.06.06. 400m IM: 2 F Wilkinson (DB) 5.55.99.
13 year – 400m freestyle: 2 K Bird (BBF) 4.35.31; 3 O Beard (DB) 4.37.86. 400m IM: 2 K Bird (BBF) 5.10.54; 3 O Beard (DB) 5.14.91.
14 year – 400m freestyle: 2 O Ripley (DB) 4.27.42. 400m IM: 2 O Ripley (DB) year - 400m freestyle: 2 G Todd (COX) 4.21.45; 3 E Burrowes (DB) 4.25.78. 400m IM: 2 G Todd (COX) 5.01.98.
16 year – 400m IM: 3 D Amphlett (DB) 5.01.90.
17 & over – 400m freeestyle: 3 D Denny (COX) 4.15.60.
Key: AV= Abingdon Vale, BBF= Bicester Blue Fins, COX= City of Oxford, DB=Didcot Barramundi, WWH=Wantage White Horses.