Forum C led the way with a 399-397 victory over Forum B on a night of nail-biting finishes in the Aubrey Hughes Handicap Shield second round.

With Brian Jermyn, Chris Smith and Fraser Harris enjoying a 100-point start for Forum C, they held off Ross Henderson, Jeremy Flint and Andrew Flint.

It all came down to the last leg of the doubles, and Forum B, needing to win 21-8, could only secure a 21-10 triumph.

Forum D also squeezed through, winning 398-395 at Bicester D.

With Bicester D’s Geoff Loder, Andy Crofts and Dave Badham awarded a 100-point start, they held sway until Marco Zhang and Nick Langley, who were accompanied by Lorne Lonie, pulled victory out of the fire by taking the doubles 21-7, 21-9.

Vikings A edged past Vikings C 412-409 in another tight tie.

Vikings C’s Markus Wagner, John Talbot and Tony Wheeler had a 160 start, and once again the result hinged on the doubles.

By that stage, Vikings A’s Jingyu Sun, Rob Williams and Pawel Jaskolski had established a slight advantage, but that was in danger of slipping away as they only won the first leg 21-20. But they turned on the style to take the second 21-6 to secure victory.

Forum M took advantage of a whopping 200 start to beat Forum E 423-416.

However, Kavan Warrender, Ben Pritchard and Reece Chamdal were pushed all the way by Simon Price, Jonah Stott and Tim Stott.

Warrender was instrumental in dragging the match Forum M’s way by winning an end against Tim Stott, and then pairing up with Chamdal to put in a decisive doubles performance.

Forum F overcame a 160-point handicap to win 406-393 at Bicester F.

John Duncalfe, James Rowan and Ethan Ball turned the tables on Bicester’s John Chalcraft, James Moore and Tom Brennan.

Gladiators A made the most of a 130-point start to win 440-415 at home to British Rail.

Kevin Giles, Paul Knight and Dave Gardner proved too strong for British Rail’s James Lovelock, Nigel Taylor and Greg Donovan.

Forum J’s 100-point start was more than enough as they beat Forum H 426-378.

Teisi Tamming, Kristelle Brook and Chloe Yau saw off Forum H’s Terry Ruane, Pichitpong Juiwong and Alasdair McPherson.

Forum I, with a 110 start, coasted to a home victory over Vikings E 468-379.

Matthew Simmonds, Jake East and Guy East brushed aside Lianne Fisher, Max Jackson and Matt Pickles.

Haddenham B, with a 120-start, crushed Gladiators B 504-361.

Gladiators’ Justin Roake, Imaad Saba and Sue Gokgor had no answer to the visitiors’ James Mott, James Gibson and Colin Deaney.


2nd round: Forum C (+100) 399, Forum B 397; Bicester D (+100) 395, Forum D 398; Vikings C (+160) 409, Vikings A 412; Forum E 416, Forum M (+200) 423; Bicester F (+160) 393, Forum F 406; Gladiators A (+130) 440, British Rail 415; Forum J (+100) 426, Forum H 378; Forum I (+110) 468, Vikings E 379; Haddenham B (+120) 504, Gladiators B 361; Bicester E (+100) w/o Begbroke.


Div 1: K Bushell (Forum A) 18 wins out of 21; P Jaskolski (Vikings A) 17, 18; N Hurford (RAL) 17, 21; T Gorman (Bicester A) 15, 21; J Sun (Vikings A) 14, 15; M Scott (Holton A) 14, 18; A Misseldine (Holton A) 13, 15; J Rigby (Bicester A) 12, 15; E Herrity (Forum A) 12, 18; C Lansley (RAL) 11, 21; D Palmer (Holton A) 10, 12; A Cherry (Vikings A) 10, 12.
Div 2: E Deeley (Vikings D) 20, 24; C Smith (Forum C) 19, 21; F Harris (Forum C) 19, 21; P Humphrey (Begbroke) 16, 21; T Wheeler (Vikings C) 15, 21; J Lawton Smith (Vikings C) 14, 21; M Wagner (Vikings C) 13, 18; P Borrowdale (Vikings D) 13, 21; B Jermyn (Forum C) 13, 24; K Giles (Gladiators A) 12, 21; P Knight (Gladiators A) 10, 18; J Shardlow (Bicester C) 10, 18.
Div 3: J Felton (Bicester E) 19, 24; A Legge (Forum G) 19, 27; H Morgan (Vikings F) 17, 24; G Bishop (Witney A) 17, 24; L Fisher (Vikings E) 16, 24; L Jobling (Bicester E) 15, 24; T Ruane (Forum H) 15, 27; P Juiwong (Forum H) 15, 27; S L-Hopkins (Witney A) 13, 24; A Crofts (Bicester D) 11, 15; C Westbury (Gladiators B) 11, 18.
Div 4: F Audifferen (Forum K) 23, 24; J East (Forum I) 22, 24; M Simmonds (Forum I) 18, 21; T Yau (Forum J) 18, 24; S Harding (Bicester F) 17, 24; B Dobson (Holton B) 16, 21; B Neumeier (Forum K) 14, 21; J Gibson (Haddenham B) 13, 18; D Harris (Forum L) 12, 21; T Tamming (Forum J) 10, 15; S Curtis (Holton B) 10, 21; A Hughes (Forum K)  9, 15.