Gilly Hepden, second in the Oxford trainers’ championship, can land the nap in the top grade A1 tonight with Igotafeeling.

Farloe Zico looks good in the Not Ur Self Stakes (8.20), while Angie Kibble has a strong hand in the 9.35 with Builders Katie and Kingsbrook Ciara.


7.35: Scoreless Dan, Archies Kay, Boys Last 3, Lady Alice, LINGRAWN HERO, Itai Elisa.

7.50: Liosgarbh Star, Practical Man, Itai Sasafran, Loughlea Ripple 3, Cavies Sid, HILLCROSS GYPSY.

8.05: Sergar, ANGEL RISKY, Burwood Indy, Rockybay Hawk 3, Oghill Buster, Keeperhill Eve.

8.20: Frisky Giacoma, Primo Caloona, SILENCEISGOLDEN, Call Phanter, Greencroft Angel, Milton Campbell 3.

8.35: ROMILY FLASH, Meenala Harry, Uptown Buddy, Broadacres Fawn, Precious Hawk, Farloe Zico 3.

8.50: Gizmo Senor, RETURNTOSENDER, Ballyer Bullet, Sudden Decision 3, Katies A Grandma, Ballyhoe Bertie.

9.05: Graceful Sophia, Rock Magic, Pennys Nine 3, Ardmayle Fizz, Lolly, SHARED TIME.

9.20: Care Choice, Tiermana Ace 3, Annacurra Pride, LEXIES BLUE, Glynnscross Enda, Pennys Demo.

9.35: Ballymac Tish, Nashville Nellie, Wheatsheaf Tommy, BUILDERS KATIE, Kingsbrook Ciara 3, Jimmy Turbo.

9.50: IGOTAFEELING, Pennys Awesom, Geneva Cove 3, A Little Light, Teens Adventure, Baby Bubba.

10.05: Aggie Jo, Itai Maeve, Shamone Sherman 3, EAGLES HI, Captain Tin, Emly Target.

10.20: CONDUIT, Petal Shela, Ardera Rambo, Serious Man 3, Dublinyourmoney, Sarah Wants That.

Nap: Igotafeeling.