THE streets are filled with music as pubs, clubs, churches and other locations across town become venues for the Witney Music Festival.

The festival, in its sixth year, began on Wednesday and events carry on until Saturday, May 19.

Locations that are hosting events include Marriotts Walk Shopping Centre, Cogges Manor Farm Museum and St Mary’s Church, along with venues more commonly associated with music.

Last year’s festival attracted 5,000 people and it is hoped even more will come to the gigs and concerts taking place this year.

The festival was founded by Witney resident Stuart Foster in memory of his music-loving sister, Jo-Marie, who died in her sleep in 2005 aged 21.

Performers include 12-year-old Benjamin Comley, lead singer and guitarist in his band Raised by Hypocrites.

Benjamin, who performed with his band at Langdale Hall on Friday, said: “It was fun to play live, I liked it a lot.

“It’s my first time playing at Witney Festival, but I have played in Harvest Festival with another band.

“I watched a lot of the other bands. We are all good friends and we watch each other play live all the time.

“I think the festival is a really good idea to get young people doing live music and just performing.”