Burglars ransacked a West Oxfordshire football club, causing £7,000 of damage by leaving beer pumps running, breaking windows and snatching TVs, alcohol and food.

North Leigh Football Club had won the Oxfordshire Senior Cup just days before the raid on Saturday night.

The club has now had to cancel two fixtures as it sets about repairing damage to the clubhouse and pavilion at Eynsham Park.

Club secretary Stacey McDonough, pictured with a smashed door and television, said: “They got in through a window, cutting the padlock and smashed the place up and stole three TVs. They broke into the pavilion, changing rooms and a staff member’s car, smashed that up too.

“They stole alcohol from behind the bar and they left the beer pumps on, so the beer has run out and damaged the floor.

“It’s going to cost thousands to put right. I don’t want to sound melodramatic but it will probably cost about £7,000.

“The main gate wasn’t open and we think they must have come in by foot.

“We’re absolutely gutted. All we try to do is provide a lovely facility to play football in and someone has decided they don’t like it.

“It’s not the first time – all the copper pipe from the changing rooms was stolen before Christmas.”

The burglary happened between 7pm on Saturday and 10am yesterday.

Police are investigating. Anyone with information should call 101.

Fred Ford Cup and Supplementary Cup games at the club will not be held on Wednesday and Thursday nights. But the club is determined the clean-up will allow it to host an Oxford Charity Cup fixture on Saturday.