WATCH out for The Griterminator, a salt-spraying machine which melts away dangerous road ice.

The road gritter is one of a fleet at Milton Common depot which have names for the first time, thanks to creative school children.

The trucks were named by pupils from four primary schools – Great Milton, Wheatley, Woodcote and Checkendon. Eleanor Gillion Webb, 10, from Great Milton School, said: “I chose the name Griterminator because grit lorries are powerful machines and Griterminator is a powerful name.

“It was really cool going to see the gritters at Milton Common, we got to sit in them and have rides in them. It was amazing.”

The other nine gritters from Milton Common and Woodcote depots are now called Darth Gritter, Gracie, Stoney, Arnie, Boris, Snow Warrior, Imelt De-ice, Gertie and Frosty.

It is part of a scheme by Oxfordshire County Council to promote road safety.

The council hopes to raise awareness among children and their parents of winter road conditions and the dangers they can pose.

Cabinet member for education Melinda Tilley said: “This is a great way to introduce children to winter road safety issues and it also creates a lovely link between local schools and their communities. I look forward to seeing some interesting names out and about this winter.”