SLEET and light snow is forecast for the county tonight and tomorrow morning.

With northern parts of the country facing heavy snowfall, the Met Office is forecasting a better picture for the county although is warning drivers to be careful on their morning commute tomorrow.

It may mean there is only "a little snow" on the ground tomorrow morning.

It is saying there is likely to be sleet in the city tonight, with light snow in the early hours of Monday.

However the north and west of the county are facing the worst of the forecast with heavy snow in Banbury and Chipping Norton for tonight with light snow in the early hours.

That may still be falling through to lunchtime in Witney.

In the south the picture is also one of sleet tonight and light snow after midnight. In Abingdon the sleet may return tomorrow morning.

Met Office forecaster Helen Roberts said: "Oxfordshire is right on the edge of our yellow snow warning and our ice warning so there is a potential for snow and ice.

"There is going to be an outbreak of rain for much of the day and it is really after dark that the snow risk starts, especially in north Oxfordshire.

"Because the roads will already be very wet there may be a flurry of snow around on the ground but it probably won't settle. There may be a little snow on the ground by tomorrow morning but it won't be much.

"There shouldn't be much more than two centimetres of snow."

The sleet may return to Oxfordshire on Wednesday.