PROTESTERS briefly shut down Topshop in Oxford today.

A group of about 20 people demonstrated outside the Queen Street fashion retailer at 1pm, accusing the clothing giant of tax avoidance.

They blocked three of the four entrance doors for about an hour-and-a-half and the final fourth door for about a minute.

A customer then forced the fourth door open. About ten police officers attended to keep a watch on the protest.

Protesters accused Topshop owner Philip Green of avoiding tax by channelling profits from his Arcadia group to Monaco.

The firm was not available for comment this afternoon.

Other high street firms including Boots, Barclays bank and Vodafone posted security guards on their doors in case of protests.

Other Topshop stores across the UK were targeted by protests today, including the Oxford Street store in London and stores in Glasgow and Birmingham.

Protesters held a similar protest outside Vodafone in the city last month, forcing the store to close for about two hours. Vodafone denied avoiding tax.

Sophie Lewis, a 22-year-old graduate student from Oxford, said: “We decided not to occupy Topshop because we saw three riot vans, but we still managed to get our message across”

James Finch, a 21-year-old IT worker from Oxford, said: “This is part of a national grass-roots movement against cuts and corporate tax avoidance.

“Anyone else in the high street or in business who essentially takes money from the poorest in the country can expect the same treatment.”