A SCAFFOLDER was caught with a Samurai sword down his trousers as he walked past a packed nightclub, a court heard today.

Leslie Prince, 21, was walking past Strattons nightclub in Stratton Way, Abingdon, in the early hours of May 2 when CCTV operators spotted him with an object concealed in his clothes.

Police searched Prince, of Regal Close, Abingdon, and pulled out the two-foot sword — hidden in a wooden case — from his trousers and jumper.

He was charged with possession of a blade or sharp pointed article in a public place, but denied the allegations when he appeared at Didcot Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Prince, who was found guilty, told officers he had collected the sword from a friend and was taking it home to complete a two-piece decorative sword collection in his bedroom.

Sally Thomson, prosecuting, said CCTV images revealed him trying to make adjustments to the sword under his clothes to hide it from police.

Prince said: “I was scared because I had a great big Samurai sword down my trousers and I knew I probably shouldn’t have it. I was only trying to get it home. There was no other means of getting it home and I didn’t want to go on the bus. I chose the longest route round Abingdon away from the town centre and all the pubs.”

Magistrate Ann Dendy said because Prince had tried to hide the sword he was fully aware he should not have been carrying it.

Prince will be sentenced on Wednesday, August 12.