FLOODING and transport are among the issues on which the prospective Liberal Democrat candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon will fight the next election.

Physics teacher Layla Moran has been chosen by the party to go head-to-head with incumbent MP Conservative Nicola Blackwood, replacing Dr Evan Harris as the prospective parliamentary candidate.

The 30-year-old says a solution needs to be found to local flooding problems that blighted the constituency last month.

Miss Moran backs speeding the flow of the river through built-up areas by removing sediment at key points and restoring natural dams to help protect homes.

The North Oxford resident, who is a head of year at an international school in London, will also campaign for better local transport, and fairer tax.

She said: “I will campaign for a better transport system and a solution to flooding.

“I want to see the rich pay their fair share of tax and protect the vulnerable from welfare cuts.”

In 2010, Miss Moran stood in the marginal constituency of Battersea.

She came to Oxford six years ago to teach maths revision courses.

Her mother is a Christian Arab from Jerusalem, and her father is a British EU ambassador.

Miss Moran will work from Oxford permanently in the new year.

She read physics at Imperial College and holds a masters in comparative education.

Her candidacy means former MP Dr Harris will not be making a return to Oxfordshire politics.

Dr Harris represented the constituency for 13 years before losing to Ms Blackwood by 176 votes in 2010.

Neil Fawcett, Lib Dem campaign manager for Oxford West and Abingdon, said: “Evan didn’t apply and to his credit he decided it would be wrong to get involved again.”