CELEBRITIES from the world of music, comedy and sport turned out for a breast cancer charity in Abingdon on Saturday.

Comic Bobby Davro, singing servicemen The Soldiers, vocalist Kerry Katona and boxer Steve Collins appeared for local charity Against Breast Cancer.

The Marketplace was festooned with pink balloons, clothes and even cupcakes for the third Splash of Pink Day.

It is hoped the event raised thousands for the cause.

The Soldiers – Sergeant Major Gary Chilton, Staff Sergeant Richie Maddocks and Lance Corporal Ryan Idzi – performed throughout the day.

The group – who have scored two top-10 singles – included Bee Gees classics How Deep Is Your Love and I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You in tribute to the group’s late singer Robin Gibb.

His widow, Dwina Gibb, of Thame, is patron of the charity.

Staff Sgt Maddocks said: “Last year we worked with Robin Gibb for the Poppy Appeal and while working with him we got to know the family quite well and since Robin’s passing, we got quite close to Dwina.

“When she asked if we would come down and support the event, we jumped at the chance.

“It’s been very cold but actually the atmosphere is really warm.”

He said: “It’s such a worthwhile cause as well to help raise awareness.”

Mrs Gibb, who spoke at the event, said: “No-one knows better than Robin himself how important it was, as he ended up getting colon cancer, then it went into the liver and just travelled on.

“It’s nice to have the event in Abingdon – I live in Oxfordshire and it’s my favourite place in the world, apart from Donegal.”

Former Undisputed Middleweight Boxing Champion Steve Collins held a Q&A and auctioned off a pair of gloves.

He said: “I am delighted to be here.

“You might ask why get a professional fighter to support cancer, but these people are fighters themselves – we have got to fight this disease and beat it.

“Everyone that beats it is a champion and everyone that is fighting is a contender.”

Volunteer Maggie Ingram, who was selling cakes, said: “The atmosphere has been brilliant.”

Abingdon’s Nicholas Pialek, visiting with his four children, said: “It’s cold, but we are having a good time.”

Victoria Robson, with daughters Nancy and Carrie, four and 10 months, said: “They are having a good time. It’s good for Abingdon.”