VERY often on St Giles, in Oxford, at least seven fully uniformed traffic police are visible, filming drivers as they break the 20mph speed limit. A couple of traffic wardens or speed cameras could do the same job for less cost.

Go to the opposite extreme and you will find no police anywhere when traffic is breaking speed limits on the A34 every day, resulting in inevitable accidents which cost the economy billions every year.

Oxford Mail:

Oxford Road safety enforcement officer PC Mark Pilling records the speed of drivers moving along St Giles

The cost of installing speed cameras which work, for example on the Curbridge Road, the A34 or any other speeding hot spot would be recouped in fines without the police being involved at all.

Ultimately, PCSOs, traffic wardens and parking attendants should be given the power to book and fine all the vehicles parked on Britain’s roads with no current road tax and therefore no valid insurance. The fines imposed would pay for thousands of speed cameras to be installed all over the country.


Crescent Road


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