RE: the A338. I hope you will permit me, through your letters column, to answer the many people who have asked me, after my letter published last week: ‘What can we do?’ We need everyone to write to our MPs and the county councillors saying nothing less than a bailey bridge solution is acceptable to Wantage/Grove. If they get several thousand letters they may pay attention. The elected councillors and MPs are the ones who can make the decision regarding closure of the A338, not the council officers, nor the people at Network Rail The traffic chaos we can expect was clearly indicated, to even the remotest county councillors, when a recent smash on the A34 resulted in up to four-hour traffic jams on both the A417 and the A338. One can only imagine what the traffic would be like if the A338 was shut at the same time. A few years ago, after an earthquake, the Americans rebuilt a three-storey, six-lane motorway in less than 14 weeks. That included the planning and the rebuilding work. Do we not have engineers of a similar capability? FRANCIS G. SKETCH Easterfield Grove