A SIXTH former has become the first ever teenage trustee at her town's nature park.

Amelia Taylor was announced this week as the new trustee at the Betjeman Millennium Park in Wantage.

The teenager, who goes to King Alfred's Academy Sixth Form in the town and is hoping to study marine ecology at university, will aim to help the trustees understand how young people use the park and how they would like it to be improved.

The trust said it was delighted to welcome Amelia on board and hoped the new role would enable it to benefit an even-wider group of park users for years to come..

In a statement, trustee Terry Gashe explained the role of the teenage trustee: "This is a new rolling appointment, designed to provide a form of work experience for the student, and strengthening ties between the park and King Alfred’s Academy.

"King Alfred’s students are major users of the park and Amelia will assist other trustees to see the park through the eyes of this important stakeholder group.

"Amelia is also expected to open new communication channels between the park, the school and the student community.

"The park hopes the work experience benefits will include both insights to the role of trustees as well as operation of a park, embracing real estate, finance and engagement, wide-ranging aspects common to the operation of Hyde Park, Central Park, or any other park."

The trust clarified that its teenage trustees have a vote at meetings but not the burden of trustee liability.

The Wantage park was established in 2001 to mark the millennium and celebrate one of the town's most famous residents and one-time Poet Laureate John Betjeman, who had lived just a stone's throw away at The Mead.

The park includes stones carved with some of Betjeman's poetry.

The trustees raise money to pay for maintenance of the park.