A COMMUNITY project which bakes birthday cakes for children who might otherwise miss out is hoping the Jubilee Fund for Oxfordshire will help put a ‘cherry on top’ of its service.

Free Cakes for Kids boasts a legion of volunteer bakers who spend their time, and their own money, making birthday cakes for needy children.

Now they are hoping that public generosity in the shape of Jubilee Fund cash will help them expand.

Henriette Lundgren founded the Oxford group in 2008.

Free Cakes For Kids has been spreading its sweetness ever since, with its 25 volunteers creating all manner of cakes, featuring everything from space rockets to Peppa Pig, for families who are experiencing problems, from financial difficulties to health issues.

Recently the group also linked up with the Ronald McDonald House charity which provides parents whose children are being treated at the Oxford Children’s Hospital with a place to stay.

Mrs Lundgren, who lives in St Clement’s, Oxford, said: “Often families are staying at the hospital and are far away from home, but we can make sure any siblings of poorly children who might be celebrating a birthday still get their special cake.”

The Jubilee Fund is being run by Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF), and aims to mark the Queen’s 60-year reign by creating a lasting fund for community groups and charities.

OCF chief executive Jayne Woodley said: “Free Cakes for Kids is an excellent example of a simple idea which can easily be taken to other parts of the county.

“Our Jubilee Fund for Oxfordshire will be used to support community groups like this that really do make such a difference to local lives.”

To help the fund, email jubilee@oxfordshire.org, call 01865 798666, or go to its offices at 3 Woodins Way, Oxford.