A FUTURISTIC concrete house which has ‘sprung up in a week’ has divided neighbours in an Edwardian Oxford street.

Hill Top Road in Headington is a mix of new build and Edwardian detached, semi-detached and terraced houses.

But just over a week ago, a convoy of lorries arrived in the road, bringing with them huge slabs of concrete.

The house, designed by Osney architect Adrian James, will be glass fronted and made mostly from concrete.

It will feature a large bay window at the front, three bedrooms, and a ‘double height’ living space inside.

Workmen using cranes have been assembling the three-storey house on a plot of empty land between two 100-year-old houses.

Neighbour Helen Ganly, who lives over the road from the new structure, said she was surprised by the speed the house had been built in.

Mrs Ganly said: “Everyone has been very shocked by it.

“I am sure we are witnessing a very important moment in architectural history. It’s just amazing.”

But not everyone is so sure.

Wilfrid Knapp, who lives 20 doors down, said he was not convinced it fitted in with the street and was worried about the possibility of subsidence.

He said: “It’s is obviously very well built but it I think it will look completely out of place. “ Virginia Brookes who also lives in Hill Top Road close to the concrete house said she was looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Dr Brookes said: “I am not really able to say whether I like it or not at the moment.

“I am just very interested to see how it is all being done.

“My only worry would be what it looks like. We are an Edwardian street, so at the moment my concern would be that it may not fit in.”

Mr James, whose company Adrian James Architects is based in Mill Street, Osney, said the structure of the house had taken about a week to put in place.

He said: “The good thing about concrete is that it has a very smooth finish inside.

“The interesting thing about the way the house has been constructed is that it will knock around three months off the completion date, which is a good thing for the neighbours.

“Normally houses of this size will take around 12 months to complete, including all the internal work, but this house should be completed in nine months.”