Not long to go now - and there is plenty of work going on to complete the new Westgate Centre. 

Contractors are working flat out to get the £440m centre ready for Tuesday's opening.

Shoppers passing the Bonn Square facade on Saturday could see workers still laying paving outside the entrance.

Oxford Mail:

New pictures and video inside the centre's Leiden Square revealed the scale of the operation being carried out over the final weekend of construction.

Last week the Oxford Mail revealed that only 60 out of the 125 units would be opening on the first day - with the figure rising to 90 by Christmas.

The square is one of several public areas in the development and will host a number of live performances for shoppers next week.

But contractors are frantically working to get the space - and the centre - ready, with vehicles and scaffolding and construction barriers all over the site.

Oxford Mail:

Westgate's business development manager Sara Fuge admitted there would be 'work going on behind the scenes' on the first day but that it would be ready for shoppers.

The centre will open to the public 9.30am on Tuesday and Primark and John Lewis will cut their ribbons at 10am.