A STROKE survivor is hoping to spread joy around the world with his Book of Hope.

Gary Gill wants to get each of his vast volume's 100 pages filled with artistic illustrations and inspirational words for the children of the world.

The 52-year-old is planning to send it off on a 100-stop journey around the country – and possibly beyond – where each person fills one page.

At the end of it all he hopes to produce miniature copies of the volume and sell them to raise money for his new charity, FACE – For All Children Everywhere.

Mr Gill is best known to many as a joint-founder of Abingdon's Stroke Club.

He founded the fortnightly get-together for fellow survivors after waking up one morning in April 2012 having a stroke, when he was just 46.

Now the father-of-one and grandfather-of-two has set his sights on trying to make the world a better place for the next generation.

He said: "All the funds I raise from the book will go through Project FACE to community-driven charity projects.

"There are lots of kids out there that don't get a great deal in life who I want to help."

He has already set up a website for Project FACE, and hopes to use the Book of Hope to kick-start the fundraising – including the first £5,000 which will enable him to officially register the scheme as a charity.

But first, he has appealed for a bit of help to make the Book of Hope a success.

Still suffering the effects of his stroke, Mr Gill is advertising for a team of like-minded good Samaritans.

Having had the tome custom-made by a 65-year-old bookbinder in Poland, he is firstly looking for an Oxfordshire artist to help jazz it up.

Secondly, he wants a copywriter and content manager for his website, and finally a social media whizz to tell the world about all the charity's good work.

As it is all for charity, Mr Gill is not able to offer any payment for work at this point except the satisfaction of a job well done.

Once his team are in place, then the real project can begin.

Mr Gill explained: "Whoever you give it to we'll have to a reason to give it to them, then they have got 24 hours and in that time they have to write something, draw something, whatever they want their message to the children of the future to be.

"Then they have got to nominate someone to give it to and say why that person is worth it."

Mr Gill also wants to ask each of his 100 authors to donate one item to auction off for Project FACE.

He added: "Hopefully we can get some high-profile people signing on."

To get involved go to projectface.org.uk or email team@thebookofhope.org