A COACH driver has been suspended by Oxford Bus Company after being filmed ‘doing admin’ with both hands off the wheel while on the motorway.

The incident on the company’s Airline service from Heathrow to Oxford was filmed on Friday, May 26, by passenger Lisa Doolan.

Footage from the eight-second clip appears to show the driver counting cash while nudging the steering wheel with his wrists.

In the wake of the incident, Ms Doolan said she had not received an apology from Oxford Bus Company and has in fact been asked to take the video down by the company to protect the privacy of the driver.

Phil Southall, managing director of Oxford Bus Company, said: “At Oxford Bus Company we do not tolerate dangerous or reckless driving in any form. The driver in question has been suspended from duty pending our internal procedures.”

It comes in the wake of a national crackdown people using their phones at the wheel, backed locally by the Oxford Mail’s Drive for Justice campaign.

Since March 1, those who fall foul of the rules have faced receiving six points on their licence and a £200 fine – up from the previous penalty of three points and £100.

In the first four weeks after measures came in Thames Valley Police caught 478 people using mobiles while driving, the second-highest in the country.

Eynsham road safety campaigner Nicci Saunders, whose firefighter partner Joe Wilkins was killed after being struck by a careless driver in 2012, said the coach driver’s behaviour was ‘disgusting’.

Now an ambassador for national charity Brake, Ms Saunders said: “It’s unthinkable, especially on the motorway. For someone to think it’s ok to put all those people’s lives at risk is horrendous.”

Driver Paul Brown admitted he had been eating a sandwich just before the crash with Mr Wilkins’s bicycle.

Ms Saunders added: “Something as simple as that can distract you enough. Once you’ve been affected by something like this it’s much closer to your heart but it amazes me how people still think ‘It’ll never happen to me’.”

She said new penalties for those using mobile phones were a good start, but added: “It’s a shame the police don’t have more resources.”