FINE art students at Oxford Brookes University launched their end-of-year exhibition to show off the most striking examples of their work.

Students who are graduating presented their Carbon exhibition as part of the Fine Art Degree Show 2017 at the Glass Tank Gallery, Headington, on Saturday.

The work was displayed by 42 students who will each complete their studies at the end of the academic year.

Carbon features work in a diverse range of media including photography, painting, sculpture, film and performance.

Senior lecturer in fine art Tiffany Black said: "Carbon is a dynamic exhibition revealing the accomplishment of contemporary fine art students graduating from Oxford Brookes University.

"We are very proud of their achievements.”

The show featured work on a range of themes, from political turmoil in the Western world and further afield, to ideas which 'play on our definitions of the grotesque'.

It explored how people discover, adapt and finally accept processes which are outside their control.

Charlotte Hazell, one of the students, said of her work Predetermined Perception: "I created a space that highlights the fragility of our reality.

"It was really lovely to be part of such a different collective of work - they were all so unique and could stand alone, but together it just worked."

Oriane Pierrepoint, talking about the artwork Mary, Jane and John, said: “I’ve been volunteering in Albany care home for the past three months and got to know the residents really well.

"They’re all wonderful people, and I’ve been doing fine art sessions with them.

"I draw them animals, portraits, landscapes, everything. We listen to 1960s music and I do one-on-one portrait sessions with them.

“These women, in Mary, June and Jane, all have dementia in various stages and it’s a piece that raises awareness of that and also the issues that we’re having around the UK with care homes and funding for care homes."

Throughout the exhibition, which ran until last night, the artists staged a programme of workshops, tours, family events, and talks.