A SELF-confessed "tech head" is flogging his stash of vintage comic books to fund a new-age hobby.

Kennington father-of-two Andy Severn is giving up 180 editions of British eighties title 'Eagle' to make room in his wallet for drone goggles.

The 47-year-old, who runs online story shop Oxford eBooks, said: "I started collecting the comics in 1982. They were a relaunch of the original series in the fifties which my dad used to collect, but he didn't save them.

"I used to get mine on a weekly basis and squirrelled them away. It was only around for a few years."

Piles of the comics, which centre on the adventures of space hero Dan Dare, will be replaced for drone equipment worth £300 which will allow Mr Severn to use his 'quadcopter' as a birds-eye camera.

He said: "There's just something about drones as things that fly - what's not cool about that? Most people have dreams of flying."

Mr Severn, who lives with his wife and two sons, said he swapped his hobby of rocket-building to drone flying because there was a "smaller risk of losing fingers".

He hoped to use his hand-built drone to experience the countryside in a new way, but said the value of his comics to him was "absolutely unknown" and relied on someone buying into a "fairly niche" subject.