ONE of Jayden’s closest friends said last night Ben Blakeley’s conviction for murder was “100 per cent” the right verdict.

Layla Smith, 17, who went to Didcot Girls’ School with Jayden, said: “I think everyone thinks the same thing.

“I think he should be put away for life.”

Layla and a group of Jayden’s friends are raising money for the domestic violence charity which her mother, Samanthat Shrewsbury, is now setting up.

Jayden’s Gift will raise money and awareness for victims of domestic violence.

On Saturday, Layla, Ally Jo Doe, 12, Beth Ray, 17, and Abbie Ray, nine, collected £330 at Edmond’s Park, Didcot, to go towards the charity.

Didcot Girls’ School headteacher Rachael Warwick said: “Our whole school community has been deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Jayden Parkinson.

“Our very best wishes go to Jayden’s family and we hope that they are able to find comfort in one another at such a difficult time.”

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