THE prospect of raw sewage flooding into our homes is a horrible one indeed.

For far too many people in Oxfordshire, it is a grim and frequent reality.

As if that was not bad enough, the three key agencies who victims turn to for help, appear to be involved in a game of pass the parcel as far as who has ultimate responsibility for solving the problem.

Thames Water says it cannot be held accountable for floods which overwhelm their sewers.

The county council is clear and firm that it is not them.

And The Environment Agency took a vow of silence when we asked for its views.

All three organisations do sterling work when floods strike the county and we are not criticising their efforts or their professionalism.

But as far as this distressing issue goes, they need to stop pointing the finger at each other and start taking collective responsibility for fixing this.

The verdict so far from residents is that they have had a stinker on that one.