OXJAM, the charity music festival, will return to Didcot for a second year with a launch next Saturday.

When Deano Pavely organised his first Oxjam festival last year, he just wanted to give local bands a fun gig in the town.

But since learning how Oxfam spends the money raised by the festival, he’s determined to make this year’s event, which climaxes on the weekend of October 17, bigger and better.

After raising £1,100 for the Oxford charity with last year’s event, he’s now set his team a target of £2,500.

Mr Pavely, 30, said: “I’ve always liked going to gigs, but there aren’t enough in Didcot, so originally I only organised it from a selfish perspective.

“Then I spoke to people from Oxfam.

“I had always been sceptical about charity, but they explained where all the money goes and I have come around.

“Now I don’t just want to do it for selfish reasons, because Oxfam is a brilliant, incredible charity that does a lot of work for a lot of people.”

Mr Pavely is organising the festival with five other Didcot music lovers — Albert Jones-Jennings, Gabby Black, Charlotte Cox, Mark Barnes and Amy Widdowson.

In the run-up to October’s multi-venue takeover festival there will be one fundraising gig every month.

The festival will launch with a gig at Didcot’s Wheatsheaf on Wantage Road on Saturday.

The gig will feature Juice, The Publix and 15 other Oxfordshire acts. Among them will be Wantage singer-songwriter Dave Oakes, who said: “I am playing Oxjam because I really believe in it.

“If my music can help in any way to promote and raise funds for such a worthy cause, then I will continue to play anytime they want me.”

Oxjam is a nationwide charity music festival which “takes over” cities each October to raise money for Cowley-based Oxfam.

Each festival is organised entirely by a team of local volunteers, who can also organise smaller events in the run-up to the October date.