AN OXFORD college is hoping to make improvements to its wine cellar to make deliveries easier.

Oxford University’s New College has applied for planning permission to alter its wine cellar which it says will make it easier for staff to access the wine and make it harder for it to be stolen.

The scheme will involve creating a dedicated delivery point for both its cellars and an underground corridor linking them together.

In a statement, the college says: “Wine for consumption and sale to college members is collected from both cellars on a daily basis.

“Without a direct link between the cellars, senior common room staff have to access each cellar independently, several times a day.

“This poses an operational problem as the route to cellar B is very long, two sets of staircases have to be used, and the route from the senior common room pantry to cellar B is exposed to the weather.

“With processing of wine already representing a significant part of the senior common room staff’s workload, this is also uneconomical and inefficient.”

New College has a stock of around 40,000 bottles of wine — but says this is modest compared with other Oxford colleges — with half the stock being used up each year.