A CODEBREAKER who worked at Bletchley Park has been honoured with an unofficial commemorative plaque on his Oxford home.

Potter Susan Herivel made the plaque herself to mark the house in Lonsdale Road where her father John had lived in Oxford for more than 35 years.

During the Second World War he worked in Hut 6 at the then top-secret Bletchley Park cracking secret German codes alongside Alan Turing from January 1940.

He was responsible for the “Herivel Tip” or Herivelismus, which predicted the behaviour of German Enigma operators and was vitally important to deciphering their messages.

Miss Herivel, 65, wanted a blue plaque to be installed onto the house in Lonsdale Road, Oxford, to remember her father, but was told he did not fit the criteria.

So drawing on her skills as a potter and artist - based in London - she crafted her own plaque instead.

Today it was unveiled at the house - 74 years to the day that her father made his discovery at Bletchley Park.

John Herivel passed away in 2011, aged 92.