FINALLY there is a good place for your junk mail to go, rather than the recycling bin.

Trading standards are putting 85 ‘scamnesty’ boxes in places like libraries and health centres for people to drop off suspicious mai that contains promises of get rich quick schemes, too good to be true prizes and the like.

It’s a welcome attempt to tackle a growing problem, which has seen criminals use ever-more-sophisticated methods to trick the vulnerable.

Such is the number of “companies” seeking cash that it is vital Oxfordshire County Council’s trading standards department has as clear a picture as possible of the problem.

It certainly has a lot on its plate – doorstop fraud is at a seven-year high and cost Oxfordshire residents at least £864,000 over the past 12 months.

Add to that the huge risks involved in cyber-scams, where bank accounts can be emptied at the click of a button.

We are pleased one of the oldest frauds is still on trading standards’ radar and the fact it is still in the con artists’ toolkit suggests it is still a money-spinner.

We urge all residents who have received such mail to drop it in one of the boxes – it could spare someone a lot of heartache.