MOST of us throw bottle tops and wrappers away, but Witney pupils have been turning their school litter into jewellery.

Wood Green School pupils Sophie Raven, Samatha Hicks, Jessica Showan and Freya Green started their upcycling business as part of Oxfordshire’s Green Entrepreneurs Competition.

The 13-year-olds make jewellery, key rings and other accessories from rubbish, and have sold their wares to pupils and teachers.

So far they have made more than £100.

As well as selling their litter jewellery, the girls arranged litter picks and anti-litter posters to reduce the amount of rubbish thrown on the ground.

Jessica said: “There has always been rubbish left after break and lunch, and we’ve done our best to get everyone to put it in the bin.

“This summer on the school field will be the biggest challenge.”

Samantha said: “What we’ve done has meant something and made a difference to the school.

“Every school should try this, it’s fun.”

The team won the competition, and have each been given an iPad as their prize.

Their project also helped the school to gain Green Flag status.

Teacher Judy Ward said: “We are so pleased that the group have tackled the litter problem and had such success with their business.

“It’s great to see the group rewarded for all their hard work.”