AFTER spending months serving in Afghanistan, there’s nothing like a cold beer to welcome British troops home.

More than 180,000 cans of lager and beer have been handed out by RAF Brize Norton’s 216 Squadron to servicemen and women while flying home from operations.

They have raised £116,000 since launching the Beer for the Boys in 2007 and have now handed over the campaign to 10 and 101 Voyager Squadrons, which are also based at Brize. 216 was disbanded last month with the retirement of the TriStars.

British troops are not allowed to drink alcohol at Camp Bastion, so a drink on board a plane coming back to the UK was well recevied.

Squadron member Sgt Matt Nicholls said: “It’s a simple gesture. If you want to thank anyone in Britain you give them a beer.’’

As the troops draw down from operations in Afghanistan, the fund will be wound up. Any remaining funds will be distributed to organisations that support service personnel and their families.