FOR the family of soldier Herbert Clifton, who was killed in the Korean War, a chance conversation has led to a life-changing trip.

Valerie’s Busby partner Tom Selwood just so happened to be talking to a war veteran who knew a man whose brother was also killed in the same conflict.

In an extraordinary set of circumstances, Mrs Busby discovered that the man in question – Bert Davey – lost his brother the day before her uncle Mr Clifton.

The men were the same age and both serving as Privates in the same platoon.

And remarkably the photograph albums they had collected during their military careers were almost identical.

Through Mr Davey, Mrs Busby now knows where her uncle is buried and to be able to visit his grave has been a life-long wish for her family so it’s touching that more than six decades on they’re able to do so.

United in their grief, the pair have been able to piece together some of their loved ones’ time together and believe they would have been friends.

It’s an exceptional tale which, despite the tragic circumstances, has led to some kind of heartwarming outcome.