BARELY a day goes by without the Oxford Mail having to report about traffic problems on the county’s roads. Each morning, our website is buzzing with reports of slow-moving traffic, breakdowns and collisions – as is the paper.

And each incident brings the roads to a grinding halt. It is clear to anyone who spends even a day in the county that the roads here are overloaded. Now the Government has admitted this, too.

Transport Secretary Patrick McGloughlin has visited Oxfordshire to look at transport schemes.

In his visit here, he admitted the county’s infrastructure needed improving.

Good news.

He singled out the A34 as one route that needed help.

Hear, hear.

But it is the detail that counts – and on this point he was less forthcoming.

He spoke of Government plans to invest in roads in the coming years, yet locals want details, they want timetables, they want figures. They want answers to questions such as: what can you do to reduce traffic jams on the A34?

On the face of it, it is hard to see what clever wheezes can easily remedy the situation.

The county’s roads are busy because the county is bustling. Our economic success is key to this – but we need a world-class road system to match.

On many occasions recently, ministers have come to the county to tell us the Government is working hard to help us out.

Yet people want action, and they want it quickly.