THE FAMILY of missing Jackie Gulliford are bracing themselves as police have restarted the search now flood waters are falling.

Thames Valley Police had previously not been able to use divers to search the River Thames at Eynsham for the 51-year-old as the waters were too high.

Mum-of-two Mrs Gulliford, a mental health patient, has not been seen since she left her Hawthorn Road home on the morning of Tuesday, January 14.

She did not take a mobile phone or any money – just her keys and her purple jacket.

Oxford Mail:

Her son James, above, said: “We just want some closure for all of the family so that we can try to move on.

“Although it is pretty clear what has probably happened, we cannot do anything until we get that closure.”

He added: “We want to lay her to rest. That is what we want to do now. But we cannot do it until there is a result.

“So we welcome the sunshine and the fact that hopefully they can find something so we can try to get back to normal.”

Mr Gulliford said two weeks ago the police cordoned off an area in Eynsham off Station Road when some bones were discovered.

But tests, which took 24 hours, found them to be animal bones.

Worcester College accounts clerk Mrs Gulliford has lived in the village with husband Bruce, 63, for about 30 years.

She has two children, James, and mother-of-two Sarah, 32.

She was voluntarily treated for depression and anxiety at the Warneford Hospital in Headington before she disappeared.

Her 29-year-old son, who now lives in Reading, said: “I think I am quite ready for it but when the phone rings and it is a number you do not recognise you freeze up and have to take a seat.

“As it gets longer it gets worse because you want it more and more.

“You want it to be over but you are not looking forward to the phone call.”

Thames Valley Police spokeswoman Naveenat Sahota said the force had search a substantial ground area in the village.

She said: “The specialist search and rescue teams have now searched most of the safe area of the river, and when river conditions improve, the team will continue their search.

“All lines of enquiries have been completed, without any success and we have kept Jacqueline’s family members informed, with any updates on the operation and are supporting them through this difficult time.”