While on the trip of a lifetime to Florida, Eddie and Denise Fitzgerald learnt their house was threatened by floodwaters from the River Ock.

But little did they know their community-minded neighbours in Abingdon were keeping guard and moved their furniture out of danger.

Bob Walker, Keith and Jan Antcliffe, and Archie James used a key the couple had left them to go into the house and move the furniture upstairs and out of flooding danger.

Mr Walker, 61, who works for the civil service at Dalton Barracks, said: “A group of us lifted the furniture from downstairs and the ladies put things out of the way and made the house as safe as possible.”

Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald’s house on Chaunterell Way escaped being flooded but the couple thanked their neighbours for what they did.

Mr Fitzgerald, 54, said: “The holiday was something we’ve always planned to do together.”