A FORMER prisoner was yesterday accused of telling a “wicked lie” about four prison guards accused of covering up his alleged assault.

Jamie Cassell was accused at Oxford Crown Court of creating the story to speed up his removal to another prison.

The four guards, from Bullingdon Prison, near Bicester, are charged with being involved in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by changing logs to remove concerns from another guard.

Mr Cassell, 24, yesterday told jurors he smashed up two cells in a bid to be moved to another prison and was assaulted during a move to a third cell.

Amanda O’Mara, for Witney defendant Nicholas McGregor, 38, said Mr Cassell lied after learning he faced police prosecution for the damage.

She said: “You told a wicked lie about innocent prison officers. And it worked didn’t it? You were transferred shortly after you made that allegation.”

Mr Cassell said: “The allegation I made about those officers was the truth.”

Jonathan Barker, for Bicester’s Mark Reed, 45, said the story was to “take the heat away from you and place it upon the prison you despise”. Mr Cassell said: “That is not correct. I don’t despise the prison.”

He said he “made it clear” he would not resist the guards when they entered the second cell on February 4. Likening them to “animals” he said his knees were struck with a baton.

Also accused are Martin Egerton, 25, of Lower Heyford, and Michael Stooks, 43, of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire, who also faces two charges of assaulting Mr Cassell. They all deny the charges.

The trial continues.