A new town councillor has been elected in the Woodstock by-election.

Louisa Maybury, of Market Street, was elected with 416 votes.

Her only opponent, Christopher Harris, received 68 votes.

The by-election was called after the death of former mayor Pauline Richardson last year.

Mrs Maybury said: “I’m very touched at how many people voted for me. It’s very flattering.

“I’ve lived, had a business and raised my children in Woodstock for over 25 years, and now my girls are off at uni I decided to run.”

Mrs Maybury runs a jewellery and craft shop in Oxford Street.

She said: “I’m right in the heart of the town. People come in with their concerns and problems and I hear all sides.”

Mayor Julian Cooper said: “I’m absolutely thrilled. We have had a tradition of having retailers on the council and it will be particularly nice to have a business owner on the team.

“I’m sure she will bring different perspectives to our debates.”