YOUNGSTERS in Oxford may lose their skateboarding lessons because not enough people are attending.

Oxford Wheels Project (OWP) runs sessions for young people aged between 14 and 17 at Fry’s Hill Skate Park in Blackbird Leys, teaching the basics in skateboard management as well as more complex tricks.

The Sunday sessions have been running since November last year, but OWP says it has been struggling to get enough people hitting the ramps.

Coach Alex Brewster said: “We see between five and 10 kids every week. I’d like it to be more than that, but in the weather we’ve had recently I have a hard time getting my mates to go out skating, never mind kids.”

A grant of £3,900 from StreetGames Doorstep Sports Clubs, along with £1,500 from Oxford City Council, is currently supporting the skating sessions.

But the money is running out, and the council needs the lessons to become self sustainable if they are to continue.

Mr Brewster, from Cowley, said: “It’s definitely running until the end of February, and hopefully it will continue through March, then who knows?”

Courtney Warden, community sports team leader at the council, said: “We need to keep them going, and that means getting enough kids out to pay for the lessons.”

The first two lessons are free, and cost £2.50 a week after that.

Jude Blake, one of the skateboarding pupils, said: “It’s really fun and it’s something that you have to try to be good at – you can’t just do it. I like that you have to put the effort in.”