THE village of Cumnor, near Oxford, was part of the Dementia Learning Partnership pilot scheme in 2012 and following the training, a group of volunteers set up a ‘Memories Cafe’, right, where all people are welcomed, regardless of age, or memory problems, to sit, chat, enjoy tea and cake and spend time with old and new friends.

The cafe meets in the village’s Parish Centre, on Abingdon Road, and the parish’s pastoral care coordinator, the Rev Jean Pryce-Williams, said: “Working in a parish with elderly people I think we were all aware that people with memory loss can often lose their confidence, retreat and almost become invisible.

“We all wanted to become more dementia-friendly and the Memories Cafe seemed a lovely way for people to meet and chat while feeling comfortable.

“It’s been a great success with an average of 22 people attending once a fortnight.”

Ms Pryce-Williams also set up a Creative Skills Share scheme in October 2012, where people share their own skills and learn new ones.

And around 100 people, from children to pensioners, have attended sessions so far.

The cafe next meets on Tuesday from 2.30pm to 4pm.