MOTORISTS yesterday said a “pushy” police officer accused of “stealing” force accident data bombarded them with calls urging them to make compensation claims.

They alleged that PC Sugra Hanif was “aggressive” during repeated calls, which prosecutors allege netted her and two co-accused at least £26,400 in £700-a-time referral fees.

Prosecutors said the Banbury 27-year-old set up a company called SR Auto Repairs in order to refer “clients” to solicitors. She allegedly used the name Sarah Gold of SR Auto Repairs when she called Reading’s Clive Rapaisi. Mr Rapaisi – who had reported damage to his car three days earlier – said: “It was a pushy sales pitch to inform me that I was due compensation and should really pursue a claim.”

He told Winchester Crown Court: “The woman said cases like mine when the injury was not severe could still receive £1,000 to £1,500.

“I declined and although she rang me a number of times I didn’t answer. I got messages too but just ignored them – it was a bit irritating.”

He later rang back and met “Pam” from “V & R Accident Management”, who visited his flat to complete paperwork on September 12, 2011, securing him £600 compensation.

Prosecutors allege this was Paramjeet Kaur, who is co-accused along with her husband and Hanif’s lover Raza Khan. They say Hanif accessed 2,456 different incident on force computers.

Fatima Karaka said she received dozens of calls from “SR Auto Repairs” after telling the force her car was scratched by a Boots lorry in June 2011.

The Reading resident said: “She called me quite a few times – she was very insistent.

“During one of the conversations, she suggested she could provide me with a number for one of the Boots lorries. She was quite aggressive and couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to go ahead.”

She added: “I felt angry because you think the police are there to protect you and not the other way around.”

The court also heard yesterday that Hanif had received death threats. A woman calling herself Nadia accused the 27-year-old of having an affair with her husband, Imran, and threatened to fire bomb her home. A police car was stationed outside the house, for protection.

Hanif, of Bretch Hill, Banbury, denies obtaining personal data from the Thames Valley Police control and command system, and a charge of disclosing the personal data.

Khan, of Ivy Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, denies obtaining information from the Thames Valley Police control and command system.

Kaur, also of Ivy Road, Handsworth, Khan and Hanif all deny one count of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office.

The case continues.